Serious question right now.

    • Serious question right now.

      Okay so there's this girl at work named Rachel. She's relatively new, been there maybe 2-2.5 months, if that and she got the job because she's related to the owner and former boss of the facility and basically, I want to choke her to death and spit on her grave.

      She annoys just about all the staff, she's entitled,arrogant,rude,talks over others like what she has to say is far more important, tries to micromanage people who aren't even in her department and who actually have more seniority than her, If you forget something, ANYTHING, she takes that as license to remind you about every little thing like she's better than you and you're just some newbie in training even though no one does the same to her. You never know if you're going to get her bitchy you better walk on egg shells attitude that day, or just her manic holier than thou attitude, and today, she thought she had the right to make fun of another new girl behind her back, who is actually such a sweetheart and hardworking just because she's a little rough around the edges even though Rachel is so miserable and awful and life sucking to be around, several of us actually consider calling in sick every time we have to work with her.

      So my question, despite her work being decent(we work in a retirement home and provide care to seniors) how can I approach my new boss about her?
      I've been trying all day to think of a way to come across as professional and polite, but all that comes to mind in my hormone raging state is "You need to get rid of this bitch before I drop kick her in the fucking cunt".


      Girl at work is miserable and shitty to work with and it creates a crappy work environment even though she can do her job. How do I approach my boss in a professional way in hopes of getting rid of her?
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      To be honest, it sucks that she's really shitty to be around. But truth is, she does her job and she can do it well. I would advise just to do your best in avoiding having to talk to her anymore than you have to do to do your job. And if she tries to talk about other workers, I would just tell her that you don't wish to gossip about other co-workers and walk away. In other words, I would just kill her with kindness. That really bugs people. I wouldn't bother going to the boss about her, seems like she has some connections to the boss or former boss or whatever... I'm sure they keep in contact. I wouldn't risk your job and your relationship with the boss over some girl with a terrible attitude.
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      Actually, I got it figured out.
      I filed a complaint with my boss about her making fun of the other girl and the fact that she will hide out in residents' rooms and not answer call bells and depending on how that goes, I'm also writing up a formal written complaint including pretty well everything I can relate back to Rachel creating a shitty work environment.

      The fact that she can do her job really isn't enough IMO.
      Pretty well anyone can do our job if they can stand bad smells and bodily fluids, and her attitude and work ethic isn't conductive to a positive and productive work environment and her actions are borderline harassment towards the other staff. Employers have a legal obligation to investigate formal complaints and providing at the very least, a comfortable work environment.
      Fact is, our work environment was great before she came along, and it's great when she's not there.

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      My written complaint letter so far, I plan to finish it, save it to my computer and hold onto it until this first investigation finishes;

      To Colleen,

      This complaint is in regards to Rachel ______. I can assure you that I am not the only one who feels this way, however I feel that Rachel's attitude and work ethic are not conductive towards a positive and productive work environment. Her actions often borderline harassment of other employees, and have recently definitely crossed the line on at least one occaision that I have witnessed on May 6 2013. As well, her untruthfulness makes it hard to trust that she can handle difficult or delicate situations. Some examples of this;

      -As mentioned on May 6th, Rachel was making fun of Nicole for everything from being in a woman's shelter as well as living in a room at TPM, the way she dresses, saying she was "stupid" and "should stay out of the way".

      -Rachel is constantly reminding not only myself, but others as well about job duties that we do not need reminding of. Doing this makes us feel as though she thinks we're incompetent and I can imagine that's the way it looks to others when she does it in front of residents or visitors. This is not the way I wish to come across to people as I feel that all of the TPM staff are very competent in their jobs. Also related to this is telling people they should be doing things differently. Many of the floor staff do things a little bit differently than everyone else, but the results are just as effective. Doing this breaks down the staff's confidence in themselves, and if done in front of a resident, can bring down that resident's confidence in that staff as well.

      -She seems to have an attitude that comes out of nowhere. Some days she will be withdrawn and sullen, other days she seems manic and superior. This causes other staff to feel like we have to walk on egg shells when we work with her to avoid some sort of confrontation and it creates a very uncomfortable atmosphere.
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      You're right, there are assholes everywhere, however in our line of work, you need to be able to be mature,professional and given the roles we're in, we HAVE to be comfortable otherwise it will start effecting our work and we work with people's lives, not machines where it doesn't matter if we fuck up.
      If she's contributing to a bad environment, that effects everyone. Complaining about it IMO is the mature thing to do because I'm looking out for everyone's welfare, staff and residents alike in the long run.
      IMO, it would be immature and unprofessional if my formal written complaint were to just be picking on her without actually tying the issues she presents to problems that it causes for the home and the staff.
      Instead of saying "She's annoying and I don't have patience for her", I can actually relate it back to how her actions effect staff and residents negatively which makes it mature because I'm striving to make it a more positive and productive environment for everyone, including their vulnerable, well paying clients who can choose to go elsewhere.
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