Im afraid of my Ex-Boyfriends Mom!

    • Im afraid of my Ex-Boyfriends Mom!

      Ok so here's the gist:
      I'm in 7th grade. In 6th grade i dated a boy behind my moms back because I wasnt allowed to. It was the only bad thing I'd ever done. Im normally not someone who gets in trouble. However i was very immature. So when he broke up with me (he was my first boyfriend) i was devestated and i lost it and told my mom. She was furious and was about to take a knife to my throat. Literally. Then in 7th grade i still didnt learn my lesson. I was stupid and asked out another guy i liked, and we were secret for a very long time until he invited me to his birthday party and i met his mom who scared the life outta me and she told me she had gone through his ipod and found our texts. So she knew. However my bf told me she's excellent at keeping swcrets and wont tell my mom. -'d she didnt for the entire time we dated. Even still i was freaking out. Very time the phone rang I'd jump and I'd have a heart attack every time my mom called my name mad outta my room. We've had a very awkward relationship this past year. Its been almost 4 months since i broke up with my boyfriend. I broke up with him because i became mature enough to realize i shouldn't be dating if my mom wont allow it, but i still dont have the guts to tell her what i did. I am gonna try and just put it behind me because my relationship with my mom has been consistently become significantly better this month, but my ex-bf's mom works in the town library and im still very afraid that if my mom takes me to the library this summer (which she always does) my ex bfs mom will tell her there about what happend. I dont want my relationship with my mom to be ruined again since we've come so far. Plus she scares me. Alot. I dont know what department she works in and i just plain dont want school to end. Do you think his mom has forgotten about it by this time, do u think she's held a grudge about te fact that i broke up with him? I dont know Im just so scared that my mom wi find out and and itll be the death of me, or at least the end of our family relationship. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
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      What's wrong about dating others? As long as you're not having sex I see nothing wrong with it. I'd say you should sit down and have a daughter-to-mother conversation about you growing up and wanting to date boys. I see no reason for your mother to be angry about anything as long as you aren't sexually active. She just needs a new view on you as she probably still sees you as her little child for what you used to be. Tell her that she'll be allowed to meet the guy right away and be always sure to let her know where you're at. Just keep open with her and it will assure her that you're on the right path, maybe she'll give you some pointers and guidance too?