What do I do about this guy/other girl

    • What do I do about this guy/other girl

      Started to talking to this guy just before christmas ago at my local takeaway Coffee house who serves me, just started off by asking how each other was/how our day was.
      Then after doing that for awhile I went in on two difference occasions and he made a compliment saying I was very polite I just said thanks as I was bit shocked.
      Then after that he started staring/gazing and smiling at me, started of doing it for about 10secs then about 40secs ever so often.

      I only notice cuz I would look up from my drink/talking and he would be staring right at me. I know he was staring at me cuz he only ever stares my direction and sometimes their can be none sat near or around me.

      Then one time I was sat their with my laptop watching supernatural my fav show, then I go the next week and he says I notice that you watch supernatural that's one of my fav shows, So ever since then we have talked about that and also found we have another few other shows in common.

      He's also remembers my order and one time saw us sat down so came out and personal served us. Which they don't normal do as it's a takeaway place you normal have to go up order and queue.

      He also seems like a really friendly person.

      Also over time I notice this other girl that comes in. He talks to her but never flirts with her only me.

      I think she has a crush on him as she's always talk to him. Also before or after his shift they usually sit down and talk for about 30mins or so and sometimes when he's about to leave I hear them talking and she always say when are you working again, lets meet and talk again. She almost seems to be stalking him

      She always say that never him, It's almost like he's just trying to be friendly. As they have been doing this for over 6months and surely if he liked her and they'd been talking for that long he would of asked her out by now.
      Also I found out that they are both church people, so that could be why they talk/get along

      I know that their not dating as he always levels before her, and then never hug or anything when they level.

      Also he never seems to flirt with her when they talk. Also she's seems more confident than me so could properly persuade him to go out with her weather he wanted to or not.

      I do like him, I know his name and that were a year apart both late teens, Also I think she is a few years older.

      What do I do really like him and I think she knows that he likes me, as when ever he talks to me/ when he personal served me, she sort of gave me a really mean stare.
      I'm not a confident person but I'm friendly/smile at people and seeing as I see her so often I always make a point of smiling but she never smiles back.

      Then I went their today and he completely ignored me like he didn't even know me/didn't exist, when he saw me first.
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      I think your over thinking the situation. I've been to many restaurants where the waitress smile and start up conversation. Sometimes I feel like talking, othertimes I feel like they could go to hell cuz I have not had my coffee. He could be in a situation where he is thinking intently on something and has nothing to really hold his attention.

      if he talked to you once and still continues to come around there, I'm sure youll get to talking once again. Just give him time.

      The girl giving you that stare was probably a means of checking you out. Danger or no Danger. Your not really suppose to care what facial expression she makes, you just care about the guy.
      How far do you want me to suppress myself so that you'll be satisfied?

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