My 17 year old friend is drinking lemonade and rum everynight...

    • My 17 year old friend is drinking lemonade and rum everynight...

      I'm going to make this short because people don't read long things and this is really important.

      She has major anxiety. This anxiety causes her to have cognitive issues, depression, and anorexia. She went to a mental hospital because of writing words on her legs with a tack. So, she decided, instead of being depressed, she's drinking lemonade and rum. She did this the other night, and says she's doing it again tonight whether I like it or not.

      When she did this, she said she couldn't stand, couldn't see straight, and wrote insane jumbled sentences on twitter. She also said she got extremely horny afterward and I didn't want to know what she did because she said "I can't remember if it was a dream or I actually did it".

      She won't be getting her anti-anxiety medication for a week, according to her, and she says that she'll stop drinking when she gets it.

      What do I do? I'm so worried about her and I've told her that but she keeps saying she "won't become an alcoholic" and she'll stop once she gets her medication. The first night she did it I didn't think much of it because it was just one night. But now she wants to do it every night so she can "message cute guys without feeling scared".

      Please help. And don't tell me "she's just experimenting" or "she's 17 she's fine". She's doing it to escape her problems and that's NOT the way to escape.

      Her parents don't know because she does it at night when they've gone upstairs to bed. I desperately want to tell her parents because I am close to them but I don't know how.

      Please help me! I need a lot of it..
    • Re: My 17 year old friend is drinking lemonade and rum everynight...

      They always say to speak to a trusted adult about everything, so this is the situation that you need to do that. If you're close to her parents, then it should be easy for you to sit them down and tell them you're worried about her. You could just tell them to remove/hide any alcohol in the house, instead of outright speaking to her and inevitable damaging your friendship.
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