Am I in love with her?

    • Am I in love with her?

      I'm 14. I've had a couple crushes over the last year or so (one which was very serious). There's a girl I know. She's the same age as me. We get along extremely well. She extremely smart, beautiful, fun.

      Long story short, I told her that I liked her (on Facebook). She said that she didn't feel that way about me. I was little heartbroken, but she was cool with it and so we still talk.

      Usually, if I've told a girl and it didn't work out, it'll blow over, but with her... I still really like her. We still talk and get along fine and she's always extremely friendly.

      What should I do? Am I in love? Even at my age, my sexual attraction to her seems an afterthought when compared to how much we connect emotionally.
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      haha, man. If you want to have a girl friend, plz get rid of Facebook. Using it too much would led you become very shy in real life.
      If you are really in love with her, show her your love by telling nothing! Just do some actions to prove it. If I were her and I also "love" you (just suppose that), I would never accept if you tell me on the Facebook like that
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      I don't think it's love.
      But it is a big crush and it's okay.
      Just try to call her and talk in person more, than chatting on Facebook.
      I agree that you have to show her your actions.
      Be around her, having some inside jokes really helps having deeper connection.
      But don't make it too much. Be a good friend, but don't hide your feelings.
      Good luck:rolleyes: