• All that I can see is cold darkness ahead
      As though it is like I am dead
      My cries, I can hear them echo down the hall
      Only to return my horrifying call
      No one cares, no one at all
      No one misses who I was or who I am now
      Is it true that they don't wonder how?
      Why don't they wonder where I went?
      Don't they seek to know why my life is spent?
      I suppose they will never know
      Why my eyes will never again glow
      So here I lie in my new home of silence
      Wondering how it all seems to make sense
      I only wanted to feel that I had purpose
      But it's too late for now I am no more than an echo
      [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]♪My inner demon it is screaming at me "Take him now! Don't miss this moment's chance. Won't get another, don't let me down. Don't fucking whine! Deep inside you'll be just fine."♪