Prom in a few days, i don't know what to do and who to go with?

    • Prom in a few days, i don't know what to do and who to go with?

      I'm 16 and a boy.
      Basically i've slightly messed up i used to be close with these 2 mates but last 3 months drifted apart and hard to start conversations with them. They're in a friendship group with like 6 girls and 4 other boys, i have been invited to one of their gatherings like 5 months ago but haven't since. I am friends with all the boys in their group and i get along and talk to 4 of those girls, 3 of which i could call my friends.
      But, i still talk regularly to 1 girl and 3 boys in that group and when i see them i talk to the 3 other boys. But there's a mate whose very similar to me and isn't in their group but has been invited more to their gathering but hasn't for a while like me but he is in their facebook chat group and he tells me they talk on there a lot but he doesn't say much. None of the boys or girls have ever decided to invite me to it but talk about it in front of me.

      I have become closer with like 7 different boys and i play football at the park and meet them like every week which includes two boys from that group and the guy that's very similar to me.

      Now relevance to the question, the 7 boys that i have become closer to only two who are in that friendship group are going to prom and the guy that's similar to me is also going to prom and is going with that friendship he told me this ages ago and i'm guessing he will anyway cause he's in that chat and they will talk about it. None of the people in that friendship group have talked to me about prom and i have heard they are all meeting up and going there, which i want to be part of as i have no other mates/group that i can actually go to prom with. I don't just want to get a lift there but want to go with my mates.

      Girls, these two aren't from the group. One girl i have liked and we don't talk much but we were friends a while ago and when i was in school used to talk every maths lesson but again last couple of months don't talk and as school is over, so can't talk directly. i decided to talk on FB about exams and then we talked for a bit but she didn't reply and then a week later i asked her something else and she didnt reply again and another week later i asked her something she didn't reply. So, i've decided to stop trying to start a conversation because she hasn't been replying but i do like her, i will probably talk to her next time i see her.

      There's another girl who started talking me and then i got her number and we began texting, at the start i did fancy her a bit but not anymore but still was replying and we were texting for a month and then the conversations just stopped because of me 2 weeks ago because i stopped replying. But i think she did fancy me but i don't feel the same but i have talked to her outside the exam hall a few times since.

      Prom is in 2 days and i haven't got a suit yet, i might just use my brothers suit but i'm thinking about by just using my white new shirt and my black school trousers which are relatively new and i've got these tie's as well and just need to buy a blazer. But the thing is i really don't know what to do, what do i do? I want to go to prom and the after party but i have no options of who to go with.

      Can i just clarify nearly everyone is going with their friends and i want to do the same but what do i do about who to go with? and the new group of people i've become closer to 4/7 aren't going to prom and the other 3 are going with the first friendship group and all 3 are in that FB chat and go to their gatherings. So all i can do is go with them or i have no one. Their group i have just been told are going to meet before at a girls house and this girl i don't really talk to her and we aren't friends. What should i do, should i just get a lift there and avoid meeting anyone before.

      Please don't be too harsh, this is a first and anything constructive or helpful would be good