Would it be weird...?

    • Would it be weird...?

      To tell a girl happy 4th of July out of nowhere? I mean do people say happy 4th of July? Me and this girl hit it off at first then things got a bit confusing since college was right around the corner and she said she didn't want to talk to someone and get attached especially if she was moving. I still like her and we haven't talked for more then a few weeks now. I'm trying to make this work since were only going to be about an hour away from each other... I'm trying to start the communication again between us. Last few messages I sent she never responded.probably because at the time she thought I wad still trying to push her into a relationship and what not.
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      It's normal to tell someone Happy 4th July, but can't you see that she doesn't want to communicate with you? She did not respond to the last FEW messages you sent. Not one, a few. Which means she doesn't want to talk to you. I suggest just leaving her alone if she doesn't engage in the conversation.
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      Depends on the type of girl, but generally I would choose to take another approach if you really like the girl. Just be honest to her and ask her if she would want to hang out with you or something... It may scare you to approach her like that but if you never do it, you'll never gonna get over that bump.

      Maybe you could bring it this way...

      "Hey, you know it's 4th of July today...to me that's kinda special...in fact I feel you're also quite special... so I was thinking, would you like to hang out together this afternoon?"

      Girls love honest guys, and even though you're not totally the over-confident guy talking to her at that moment, in general she will totally appreciate your honest approach and credit you for that!

      Good luck buddy!
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      It wasn't really a few messages. The communication kinda started to fade away and i think it was the reason because i began pushing her towards a relationship and she wasnt ready for one yet. After a few messages of no response i asked her what the deal was and she said that she didnt want to talk to someone and get attached especially if shes moving. Then later on i asked if she wanted to hang out and she didnt respond but it might of been a little awkward anyways so i understand. I'm just trying to spark up a conversation again if you know what i mean. Honestly we got along very well and i didn't see anything i did to make her completely be not interested in me anymore. She even said, "it was nothing i said".