How my life is trending

    • How my life is trending

      This is long and kind of deppressing but I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it. So at the age of 19 I have the bleakest outlook on my life possible. Right now my best friend is a pathological liar and devotes every second of his time to his girl friend. He will not be going to college this fall and likley probably will never. I know and am friendly with a lot of people but not close to anyone that I can actually connect with. You would think my parents would be the people who would support me and at least show some care about me but they are more consumed with my younger brother and their jobs. My brother does really talk to me at all. As it relates to my relationships the longest only lasted a year and I become so lonley that minute any girl pays me any attention I latch on too quick and always mistake it for romance. I feel so detached that it physically hurts. I am a good student and did well my first year of college as a business student so my career options are open and as long as I keep working hard I can have any job I really want. But I am considering moving across the country or possibly Canada after school just because I really do need a fresh start. But my worst fear is being alone all my life and I live like that all the time. Any advice is appreciated. if your in a similiar situation as me talk to me. Thanks
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      I'm 19 too, never had a girlfriend. I have plenty of friends mind you, but really you're life isn't that bad. Finish college, come over to the True North Strong and Free and take a fresh start. Make new friends in college, most people lose their old friendships anyway so you're not really at a disadvantage compared to others in the social department.

      Just hold your head up high and you'll be fine :)
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      Thanks man. That first year it felt like a lot of the same with people there mind you its a university of 16k people in where I just connected with no one it seemed just a lot of people I was friendly with. I still have 2 maybe 3 years there so we will see how it goes. The support is much appreciated!
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      Yeah I know where you're coming from, my university had 7k first years alone, and 35000 students total :p

      It's definitely a whole different atmosphere, but I'd say to get as active as possible. I did intermural sports and it was a sick way to meet a lot of new people with similar interests. Idk, go to events, go to bars or something if you like that sort of thing, just do anything. As long as you're trying, you're guaranteed to meet a lot of cool new people that'll hopefully stick with you for the next few years of university at the very least.