What does this all mean?

    • What does this all mean?

      Ok so I'm friends with this guy, we were friends for awhile and he said he liked me after a couple months of getting to know me and I told him I did too. Once he even stayed on webcam with me for hours. Then a month later he says that 'interests change' and goes after another girl but it dosen't work out. We remain friends but I still try for him, I even told him a few months ago that I love him which I admit was pretty stupid. He suprisingly took it well and everything was ok for awhile then he dated some other girl but it was long distance but after about a month or so she dumped him for her ex and apparently cheated with his friend the entire relationship. Then he kept coming to me and I helped him feel better and eventually he got over her. After while I tried to get over him, at the end of the school year I kissed this guy and apparently he saw and wasn't very happy about it Then he started flirting with me and talking to me nearly everyday and he kept offering to hang out Then he messages me to meet him and I do and when I get there he's with his friend (one of his guy friends) and I was very quiet. ( I can be shy) and he kept teasing me and playfully touching me then when things were quiet he let me sit down next to him and he asked how I was doing and mentioned that I look better without makeup. Eventually he leaves and I go home. Idk if all of this is in my head but I started to think for a second he liked me but lately he's been talking to other girls on this site called Meetme and then he gave this girl one his bracelets that he wears everyday. So far it's about 5 or 6 days since he has even spoken to me. I have no idea what to think. The obivous solution is to get over him, but I want to know what it all means cause this situation is driving me nuts and I'm tired of guys like this.
      I want to it to work out between us but if I have no other choice I guess I'm willying to let go.
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      If he's being that flaky, I really wouldn't waste your time on him. It sounds like it was a "he wanted what he couldn't have" situation when he saw you kiss the other guy. Right when you start to get over him and you're not giving him the attention he needs, he pulls you right back in. It sounds like he's just toying with you, move on and remain friends if possible.
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