I just want to help people.

    • I just want to help people.

      So i'm seriously considering studying psychology once i leave school. Not to sound sick, but i find people with mental illnesses highly interesting - i want to know how they think and why, how they got to be that way, how to spot the signs, and most importantly, how to help them get through it. I naturally love helping people.

      So that's the reason why i want to take up this area of study. The problem?

      To be able to so such a thing, a master's degree is necessary. I totally don't mind doing another year of study, but my doubts are getting in the way. What if i don't get into the master's program since they only take about 15 students in each course, or i fail it, then i'll be stuck with a degree that'll get me into the office job i've never wanted at best. Or what if by the time i finish my studies, and there's no demand for people of my profession anymore? I realize i'm being paranoid. There's clearly a demand for clinical psychologists in my country right now, and i'm (not bragging, but) above average at school.

      Tl;Dr - I think i may have a passion for what psychology can offer, but the future scares me. Should i still go for it?

      Extra note: My plan B is to take up software engineering or computer science and attempt to major in graphics and visualisation, since maths and physics are my strong points..
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      Who only takes 15 students each course? You do realize there are a million schools that offer a masters program in Psychology, right? When you apply for grad school, you don't just apply to the school you got your undergrad in, you apply to a TON of schools. It's also your opportunity to move around and possibly get to experience a new country that maybe you wouldn't have gotten to otherwise.

      Secondly, there will never not be a demand for therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists. Just like doctors, nurses, vets, etc. People will always be mentally ill, it's not something that comes and goes. My best suggestion would be to do internships- as many as you can find, throughout your undergrad. Volunteer where it applies, internships, and obviously get good grades. This will make you a more desirable candidate when it comes to applying for grad school.

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      The fact is, the economic climate right now sucks...it sucks big time!

      I would never discourage anyone from chasing their dreams, go for it! go for it at full speed! what I will say is, dont be scared of taking the long path to reaching your goal. maybe to earn enough money you have to work as a care assistant instead, helping to feed or bath those that can no longer take care of themselves - this shows dedication to the job.

      If you put your mind to it, you will succeed, as scary as it is have faith in yourself:)

      also yes, there will always be demand:)
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      :clap:I also say go for it. I think it's great that you want to help people. If you can't get into one Master's program I bet there are more out there you could get into.
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