• Okay so here is the scoop, I've been in a faithful relationship for over 2 years. I am 17 and he is 19. He lives with his grandmom, and hates it. I feel like it wouldnt be bad for him to live with me and my mom? And neither does my mom. But, he thinks it will look bad on us? I dont know, I am thinking I may be on a different page than him. And I am ready to start a future, going to college, and everything else. Opinions? Am I rushing?...
    • I do not have much for good advice on this particular problem but I suggest or well recommend you ease into this. Asking a young man like him and at your young age to move in is a very big step I think so try and see it from his point of view. He may see this as a bad thing like he is forcing you or rushing you or maybe he just is not ready to move in with you.

      Sorry if this wasn't very helpful. But I do hope what little advice I could offer helps you out in some way.
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