Girls what"s up with this girl does she like me??

    • Girls what"s up with this girl does she like me??

      OK so im 18 and i graduated almost a month ago. So there is a girl i like. She graduated with me.So the story is this.
      We met in spanish class last year. One time i was sitting alone and she decided to sit next to me. We talked a bit and that's it.It was the end of the year so i didn't get to know her last year and during the summer i didn't see her.
      So this year things changed a lot. I fell in love with one of her BFF's but in the end it didn't work out and her fr hated me bc she thought i was obsessed. Now back to the point. So during the year she looked very interested at times. She said hi many time in the corridor. Called out my name across the corridor when she saw me to get my attention a few times.Another time i was on my way out of the shcool and near the entrance and i saw her waiting for her friend.So i asked her---so what are you waiting for---She said--- i was waiting for you. Also i think she asked a guy friend from my class to ask me if i liked her and her BFF(must have been her- im pretty sure --too long to explain).
      On women's day i was going out for a beer with my friends and i was wearing a suit.So on the way to meet them she saw me in the distance with 1 of her girlfriends and started looking at me. When i got back home she asked me over chat why was i so well dressed(as in she was interested if i was dating a girl).So about her BFF which i loved--- so she got angry at me many times and i asked her friend how to fix things and she always helped me and said she was glad to help.
      On prom when i got into the ball room she imidiately hugged me when she saw me(girl im talking about). We also kinda danced.
      After prom i asked if she wanted to go to some protests (there are many lately in my country).She said yes and we wend grabbed a coffee and etc. Also she gave me her number then after i asked many times months before but she said she didn't like giving it back then. So i asked her to go to the protests again but we had to go really early (like 7 in the morning). She said yes but she over slept and we didn't meet up. The next day the same thing happened . She was really nice in saying sorry.So then i asked her over chat to go out with me to a bar some night as an appology for not showing up. She said---- "emmm no"
      then i said why did i do anything wrong
      she then said - no im just not in the mood for getting out lately . Enough explaining
      So do you think she likes me and why did she act this way last time and waht should i do?
      P.S also the week before she didn't show up i had to end my friendship with her girlfriend which i loved bc it was really not working out.Also after she didn't show up those 2 time i kinda called her a lot those days but she didn't answer--only later on chat