I Want a Baby...

    • I Want a Baby...

      I want a baby. Yea, crazy. I'm only 16 but ever since..... I think I was 13... I've wanted a baby. I used to live in a town that had a super high teen pregnancy rate so it was pretty normal to see a pregnant teen around school or town. I moved but I still have a lot of those girls on my Facebook and I see how absolutely happy they are with their kid or kids, a lot of them are having their second children now.

      I understand how difficult it is to care for a child, I know that they cost a ton of money and take up all your time and I know it's hard to stay in school. I've taken a child development class so I know a lot about pregnancy, birth, and childcare itself. I even watched a birthing video (you would think this would scare me like crazy) but it seems that no matter what I see or what someone says about babies, it makes me want one MORE. Even after we did that baby simulator where it wakes you up around 9 times during the night, I wanted a baby even more.

      It's not for those reasons like "A baby will love me forever" or "It'll make my boyfriend stay with me"(lol fat chance) or "It'll bring me attention at school/home/etc." .....It's simply because I feel that I'm ready to be a mother and I know I'd be a good one :)

      I have a baby sister elsewhere so I have had experience changing diapers, feeding, and bathing a baby. I know I'd be a good mother, and I would never toss my child to my parents to care for or babysit unless I payed them like you would any other babysitter. I don't have a boyfriend currently so there's not a chance of me getting pregnant right now but I still want one so badly. And I don't want to wait because I feel like I was meant to be a ~teen~ mother. Even my friends have said so! And it hurts me to think that I'm not pregnant and I don't have a baby, like seriously every time I think about a kid I wanna cry...

      I guess I'm asking for advice. I mean... what do I do?
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      MissBee wrote:

      I've taken a child development class so I know a lot about pregnancy, birth, and childcare itself. I even watched a birthing video

      I have a baby sister elsewhere so I have had experience changing diapers, feeding, and bathing a baby.

      Seriously hope you're joking about this entire post. Do you really think these two things make you an expert on childcare? Raising a child comes with life experience, which you have had none of. Here's what you do: you go on birth control and take it religiously to make sure you don't get pregnant. Getting up for 1 night/1 week with a fake baby does not even begin to COMPARE to the reality of a newborn.

      A few thoughts to consider: How would you possibly support this baby? Odds are at the age of 16, you won't be able to find a job. No one will want to hire you while you're pregnant. No one will want to hire you when you have a newborn because you schedule is unstable/you're unreliable. So then what? Government assistance? What about school? You will never be able to get a high paying job because you never graduated high school. Which means you won't be able to provide for your child. For the guy who gets you pregnant and you break up- then what? He'll want rights, are you willing to give up time with your baby? Where will you live? In your parents house? Do you really think they want a newborn in their house? Simply said, you're not ready. Graduate high school, set goals for yourself. Maybe become a neonato nurse, a nanny, or a daycare director.
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      As Linda said, how will you support it? Government assistance is no way to raise a child and doing so simply because you want to be a mother is absolutely selfish and you cannot provide it with every opportunity that comes it's way.

      Even with my husband and I both having post secondary education and good careers and a lot of money sense, money will STILL be tight when I start maternity leave. I don't even want to imagine how strapped for money I'd be if I was alone and in highschool with a kid.

      This doesn't even touch on the fact that taking a child development class and helping to care for a sibling doesn't make you an expert on raising a child. That fake baby they give you in class? You have it for a few days. That's it.
      New parents are generally fairly sleep deprived for months, and some of them for years. With someone else's child, you are not responsible for making decisions that affect that child's life. That's a big part of being a parent as well and considering you think getting knocked up at 16 is a smart idea, you already fail in that regard.
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      Yea, I know I'm not an expert on child care obviously, I'm just saying that I've had some experience, plus I babysit all the time so that's some more experience. I'm not an idiot either, I know that the baby in child development is no where near the real thing. Also, I would most definitely finish high school even if it had to be online. And I have a job and money saved. I only plan on going to community college anyway. But I'm not having a child now anyway. I would only have a kid with a guy who would be supportive anyway. No one needs to worry about it but I'm mainly looking for ways to STOP wanting one until later
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      regardless if you have money saved that will all be gone within the first few months
      you have to plan well ahead like linda and shonna said. you need to be ready
      your 16 your life has barely begun
      and to throw a baby into the mix of all that is just plain selfish
      and also babysitting doesnt mean you would make a good parent sure the experience is there but the child is not yours... therefore your not with them 24/7 therefore you dont get to experience that full parenting experience. if I were you I would think long and hard about this one
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      Yea I know. You don't seem to understand that I'm not actually having a baby or planning on having one. I want a baby, but I'm not having one. What I'm asking you is how can I stop wanting one so bad while I'm still young. Because none of your criticism is helping. It doesn't make me want one any less. Help?
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      Kyle. wrote:

      No, I won't knock you up so you can have my baby.
      God, you sound crazy. You sound like one of those women who's going to purposely find a boy, fuq his brains out, and make him have your kid just so you can have what you think to be such a great idea.

      I don't want your gross baby.
      lmao I wouldn't have actually done that though, it was just a passing thought. :wink:
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      Babe, wait until you've got a stable relationship and environment.
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