Track& Field anyone?

    • Track& Field anyone?

      If you run track&field, what events do you do?

      And, what is your PR in your events?

      I run the 100 m, 200m hurdles, and long jump.

      100m- 12.04 seconds

      200m hurdles- forgot...

      long jump- 16 1/2 feet.
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    • Re: Track& Field anyone?

      I dont really do it anymore but when my school has a competition i just join for fun. And i must admit its a lot of fun. If my school took it seriously i would probably consider joining it instead of just attending competitions. Any ways..

      200m- not sure
      400x4- not sure
      Shot put: 11.3m
      Discuss: 99ft was my best ever but was not during a competition. It was during practice about 2 years ago maybe.
      Long jump: 17.2ft
      High jump: 164cm
      Triple jump: 9.5m.
      I love relays i do the 4x100 and 4x400 sometimes run the 100m for the medley relay.
      :) got to love the explosive aspect of the events very exciting!
      I love meeting new people. PM me if you wanna chat.