Epilepsy in the Military

    • Epilepsy in the Military

      I've been looking to join the AirForce for a long time now. I've done plenty of research regarding my current situation, so I guess I'm just searching for a shard of hope. So far, I've concluded that the AirForce is one of the hardest of the military branches to get recruited into with the exception of excellent ASVAB scores.

      I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 16 and was on medication for quite a while. The medication would mess with my mind, so I quit taking it quite a few times, but completely quit at 18[just around the time I first joined this site under a different name]. Since I dropped the medication, I haven't had any noticeable seizures being that I only had them in my sleep.

      The requirement for joining is that you have to be 5 years seizure free and non-dependent on medication. Another per-requisite is that you have a normal EEG during the medical evaluation step of recruitment. I have yet to contact my doctor concerning my medical records being that they've all retired.

      Was just wondering if anyone has any additional information in regards to the situation I'm in, preferably someone with prior experience in failed joining. Any input otherwise is greatly appreciated.
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      How old are you now and how long have you gone without a seizure? I'm going to be honest and say that they'll probably find a reason not to take you once they discover your history of epilepsy. It's a liability for them, but for others around too. You could be seizure free for 7 years but then you have a seizure, lets say while you're in the middle of combat or target practice- then what? If you do so happen to get accepted and have a seizure while enlisted, you'll be medically discharged. What were you hoping for your MOS to be?

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      I just turned 23 a few months ago and haven't had any seizures since I was 19. Being that its been over 4 years, I figured it may have subsided to some extent to where I can live normally within the military without it being a problem. With me only having them while I'm dead asleep, I don't see what that would entitle the RO's to disqualify my application.
      I was looking for some sort of career involving computers such at networking or what they call a cryptologic specialist. I've been taking random, but trusted, sources of the ASVAB, and with a little refreshment, the scores are turning out better and better.
      Yeah...the problem with my situation is that if I lie during the medical evaluation or recruitment process and have a seizure while on base or deployed, I'll be considered a felon. I don't like lying - I truly don't, but I don't think having seizures decades apart should be a contributing factor in this situation.