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      Well, I suppose I should set up camp here in the Creative Writing section, don't you think? Now, as an introduction, I wanted to show you my favorite out of all the poems I've composed. I wrote this one roughly two years ago, and still haven't topped it... Embarrassing, isn't it? :c

      ...But I guess it's a good thing, since I always have a standard to raise whenever I write a poem~

      Welp, here goes...

      In Love Again

      That one day, it was as a flash
      It only took a simple glance
      To start my mind and body's clash
      And send me swirling in this trance.

      My hands trembled like scared puppies
      Throat hot as hell, as Death Valley
      Futile to keep coherency
      My mind was fried beyond belief.

      It's like something clicked in my eyes
      Like I had seen past a disguise
      Your beauty multiplied ten times
      Like a highlighter-colored sign

      I thought it was a passing phase
      But years zoomed by with no restrain
      I still was mad and unrestrained
      I knew I was in love again.

      You know these memories remain
      Like a vermilion mustard stain
      Wild as untamed hurricanes
      Fast and heavy as bullet trains

      Your love is sweet as gold honey
      Don't stop standing beside me
      I am your knight, and I believe
      That I must see you to true glee.

      When you're together by my side
      I feel like I can outlast time
      I wish that I could beat in my prime
      This mystery they call your mind.

      I wish you won't abandon me
      Love's a prison, please set me free.
      I beg you to answer my plea
      And set me free out to the sea.

      Your hazel eyes and ebon hair
      Make your face seem so debonair
      Your stare gives off a golden glare
      It tells me that I know you care.

      I'll finish by confessing this:
      Your face fills me with total bliss
      So listen up, my precious miss
      When I'm around, nothing's amiss.