What do you do about annoying kid family members?

    • What do you do about annoying kid family members?

      My brother is three. My visiting cousin is 7. I can't stand the latter; he's a smart kid, but to the point where he one-ups everything you say and all that nonsense. I have no problems with that actually; that's kids for you, and I probably wasn't much different when I younger (albeit I was quiet). I deal with that by purposefully ignoring him; keeps me sane. But in all my brother's annoying antics, I can't help but feel defensive when my cousin is always picking on him.

      For example, my brother likes dinosaurs, as did my cousin. So when my brother mentions something about dinosaurs, my cousin feels the need to basically correct everything he says, even when there's nothing to correct -- basically, one-upping him. He'll follow Wyatt (my brother) around and basically be his "overseer", correcting his every damn move. I want to smack him across his face.

      My literal thoughts are that my cousin is a oversensitive, spoiled little shit with an over inflated ego. I feel bad about my feelings, because I shouldn't feel that way. Kids are kids and completely innocent, right? It's just this whole thing with my brother that pisses me off so much.

      Anyone else?
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      He might be acting that way for a variety of reasons, but at that age it's understandable. There not much you can really do yourself. You might want to talk to his parents about it before he pushes you and your little brother over the edge. Hopefully they'll discipline their child as any parent should.

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