Is This Normal?

    • Is This Normal?

      Okay so... There's thunder and lighting everyone is my family knows I'm scared of it. Anyways for some reason I've always been scared of it I don't really know why I've been trying to grow out of it because I know it's just life.

      I've also always been scared of fireworks. I try to stay normal on 4th of July but inside I'm scared to death. It's only when I hear the boom sound. If I see fireworks on t.v., interent and such I'm not scared I look at the pretty colors and shapes.

      I'm also scared of Rainbows a little. When I tell someone they laugh or just say I'm weird. My family doesn't know I'm share of. It not because of the looks or anything I love the colors and all. I think I'm scared of it because it so high up in the air and it's nothing but air. But I'm trying to get over it.

      Anyways please tell me if you know someone or you are someone that's scared of this stuff. Also please don't make fun of it.
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      Okay, so you're scared of Thunder and Lightning, also fireworks..
      Phonophobia = fear of loud noises
      But can you be more specific? Are you scared of loud noises, or the lights ( from lightning and rainbows, iridophobia - fear of rainbows, but I doubt since your fear of rainbows is minimal.)

      And everyone has their own fears and scares. you can try to fight them slowly, get used to them a bit more. Rationalize with yourself, why are you scared of them? Tell yourself that there's nothing to be afraid of, hope you can get over it ..
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      In actuality, lightening is pretty scary if there's a possibility that you'll get struck.

      I believe the fear of fireworks and thunder is, as Jabba said, Phonophobia.

      Maybe you're scared of rainbows because you don't understand them? A lot of humans fear what they can't understand, so it's pretty normal. Maybe doing some research on it might help.

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      sometime i get scared of thunder and lightning too..not fireworks thought...but thunder is very loud and it gets me scared because i always feel like its a warning that something bad is going to happen or i get scared that i could possibly get struck by lighting
      My little cousin she's 1 and she is terrified at loud noises,if you turn on the blender or vacuum she will cry
      but your not alone and it is normal