I've got an android smart recently and haven't deal with it never and now I am looking for new usefull apps. For this moment I have found swiftkey :cool:

      and another one app is WHO READS MY SMS. Amazing thing for those who want to find out does BF or parents or anybody else checks your text messages. here is the point^ app turns on the front camera and starts recording a video, than you go to app and watch those videos! among these it is possible to track photos or calls.

      so what cool apps do you have?
    • Hey, I'm a little bit late haha But I will answer anyway because I am on the search for new apps too.

      I tried "Who Reads My SMS" LMAO Great app, love it, thanks for the tip :D

      Often I use the Rat Pack Challenge, something like a file manager app, but more a game than a app and classics like Snapchat and Instagram.

      Are there more who want to reanimate this thread again?
    • I must say that I'm surprised that this thread is so unanimated and I think that it would be nice to animated it again.

      My favorite apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Livescore, WhatsApp and Youtube.

      But, but... how is it possible that a file manager can be an app? Could you tell me more about it?