Will I grow anymore? Please Read

    • Will I grow anymore? Please Read

      Ok, I'm 5'11, and I'm 14 (15 in November).

      If you want to know any backgrounds, I was 5'9 when I turned 14 (so 9 months ago), My dad is 5'7 and my mum is 4'11, I eat enough and I'm nearly 175lbs, I'm asian and I'm the tallest in my family. Just wondering if I'm going to grow 6foot+, because the odds are heavily stacked against me, I've only grown 1cm in the last 2 months and, well my genetics don't really carry the tall gene.

      But, I'm 14, so how tall will I grow until I'm, say, 18? Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with this height, but just wondering...
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    • Re: Will I grow anymore? Please Read

      We can't know how much you are going to grow by the time you are 18.
      & Ashgirl is talking complete and utter bollocks. You can grow up to a possible age of around 26, but by then all of your bones should have finished growing, and 16 is most definitely not the finishing age of growing.

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