Sleeping With Stuffed Animals. Bad Habit? #IsThatWeird?

    • Sleeping With Stuffed Animals. Bad Habit? #IsThatWeird?

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      So I got this stuffed little raccoon plushie as a gift for Valentines' Day from my best guy friend, and ever since then I've slept with it. I've never really slept with one, I grew out of it around age 3 and I am 17 now and just now started sleeping with this one and sometimes find it difficult to get to sleep without having it now...

      Is that weird? Do you think sleeping with a stuffed animal could be considered a bad habit?
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      I guess age plays a factor in how weird it's seen to be. I have a load of stuffed toys above my cupboard from my childhood years, purely because I have nowhere else to put them.

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      I wouldn't say it's so weird, but I would call it a bad habit, though.
      I mean I can't sleep without hugging a pillow or a blanket, so I know how it feels. And that's why it's not weird to me. But it is a bad habit.
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      cuddling a stuffed animal, a pillow, or a loved one....
      You grow dependent on the comfort overtime. Theres nothing wrong about that. Its something familiar, and its comforting. both of those attributes make it easily dependable, similar to a home or a pet or a loved one.
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