Getting Ignored By Crush/Am I Too Paranoid?

    • Getting Ignored By Crush/Am I Too Paranoid?

      This is pretty much a continuation of my other thread, which was basically about what to do with my crush who seemed to stop wanting to text me. I asked her and she said that she's sorry and had been busy with some programs, her brother's birthday, and some other stuff. She also ended the text with "I don't have time to talk right now." I didn't really believe that as I am kind of pessimistic, but hoped anyway and thanked her for explaining, and wished her luck on the program she had the following day. No response at all. I just texted her about ago asking how it went, and no response again. I know she's hasn't been completely busy prior to me asking if I did something to anger her, since she'd go on Facebook for 20 minutes at a time or update her Twitter/Instagram stuff. For the message today, I'm pretty sure she got it since a bit before I sent it she was on Twitter telling her friend she texted him, and some other stuff. And she never goes to sleep this early so that most likely isn't the case.

      Am I completely overthinking this and being way too paranoid? If not, and she is ignoring me, what can I do about it? It's been a week since we had an actual conversation (before that it was daily) and when I asked if I did something I got nothing back. I'm getting frustrated and depressed with this, and I know I probably won't get another response tomorrow. What course of action should I take here? I could message her next time she's on Facebook so I know she's not busy and try asking again why she hasn't been talking to me and ask what I did wrong, or I can wait until Tuesday when school starts and try to confront her? Or just greet her in person and try to act like it never happened?

      Sorry for the long post but I really need advice here. Thanks.
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      All right, the problem is, she's trying to explain to you that she's busy but you keep texting her. It's hard to tell at this point whether she doesn't want to talk to you for some reason, or maybe she really is busy; in both cases you should leave her alone for now. She'll talk to you again soon when she's done with all her programs, but definitely don't be texting her all the time, especially if she isn't replying, because it makes you come off as desperate. Think, did you maybe say something to her recently, or did something happen that could cause her to not want to talk to you? If so, apologize or do whatever's right, but if you can't think of anything, just don't text her for now, and maybe try again in a week or two if she doesn't talk to you herself. Good luck, and feel free to let me know how it goes or ask me anything else.
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      She doesn't want to talk to you. There's nothing you can do about it. Don't be annoying. Tell her she can contact you when she feels like talking, or "when she has the time to talk to you", since she said she doesn't right know. Then let it go. If she contacts you, great. If no, again - great - she's not the only one in the world.
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