HELLPPP what to do?!?!

    • HELLPPP what to do?!?!

      I started seeing this guy in the summer right after I got out of my previous relationship and realized I wasn't ready to move on. I stopped talking to him for a couple weeks because I needed the space, and by the end of that time, I realized I really did have feelings for him. We started hanging out and I could tell he was into me and I was into him.. but then he told me he had a girlfriend.... We continued hanging out as friends and he constantly flirted with me all the time. One night we ended up watching a movie as friends and he told me he admitted his feelings for me and told me he didn't feel the same way about his girlfriend and kissed me. I told him we couldn't do that unless he was going to end his relationship so he promised me he was going to.. he told her what happened but the breakup... That never happened... its now been like a month and he still says openly that he has feelings for me and we hang out as friends at least once a week. I love spending time with him, we get along so well, i can just be myself around him, and he makes me laugh all the time. He recently told me he couldn't break up with her but i think i love him and i honestly don't know what to do... i can't stop thinking about him and we text everyday... its starting to really impact me