Please Help!! In love with my Little Sister

    • Please Help!! In love with my Little Sister

      Now before I start I'd like to say I'm aware of the common view on incest, therefore I don't need to be told I'm disgusting or anything like that.

      This is gonna be very long but I hope you read and offer me what helpful advice you may have.

      Ok, some background. My sister is...... lets say younger( yes I'm actually embarssed to say how much younger), she is my Half Sister through my Dad and her Mother.

      We didn't grow up together but I moved into my Dad's house last year, she doesn't live there she lives with her Mother(complicated I know) but would stay over a lot some time 3-4 days, even weeks at a time.

      We had no relationship to speak of as we didn't grow up together and didn't know each other, plus the age gap only made it more awkward.

      First thing I noticed was her looking at me. I'm sure it was only in my mind but you know the way a person will look at you and look away when you catch them in a way that only means they're attracted to you.

      Then one day(I can't remember why) but my Dad was tickling her because she had annoyed him(harmless, wholesome fun) and asked me to join in. I did and it was all fun, harmless and innocent and to my delight it seemed to break a barrier between me and my sister.

      We started talking for the first time(I wanted to say more but we never really talked) and we would play around quite often. My Sister would do two things to annoy me. She would recite advertisements while they were on, and she would make this annoying half singing sound. Both things she did at first out of habit but eventually exclusively to provoke me so we could play around(I was never "mad" it was more like a game)

      These "games" became a everyday thing. We would play fight, I would give her jockey backs around the house, we'd have water fights, we'd make pancakes and stuff...basically acting like to two kids.

      So this is when I started to fall for her and before long I was crazy about her. I started doing things to test the while we were playing.... pinning her down and kissing her(with the fall back story that I'm trying tot disgust her) only on the lips and playfully but I also lingered with some of them and she kissed me back a few times, though softly. (Not overly proud of this bit) But I would nonchalantly ask what underwear she was wearing and they pull her pyjama bottoms/Leggings down far enough just to see what type of panties they were. I never commented( except maybe on a bow or a design or something) and she never questioned me, just went along with it.

      One day it went further than ever.. While watching tv, my sister was lying on her stomach, wearign leggings. I after a while, pulled my sisters leggings down revealing her butt and thong. I again acted casual and questioned her as to the comfort of a thong( i thought it'd be uncomfortable) she said it was much better than normal panties. I played with her ass a little, even spreaded her cheeks.

      I then turned her over and took the leggings down from there revealing her thong and partially her hairy pussy. I didn't play with her here but just looked and the pulled the leggings up.

      I'd like to mention at this point that my bothers also occupy this house and are around but not present for this and a little on the character of my sister. My sister is strong, mentally and physically(despite her size). She is not a perfect person by any stretch of the means and can be quick to anger, but she's young and took her parents splitting very very hard. An example of her behaviour as it pertains to boundary's( and possibly her feelings towards me) would be my brother leaning on her in the slightest and her immediately telling him to fuck off away from her. So my sister doesn't mind me doing the stuff I've done but will go as far as to moving my brothers arm if it just happens to be touching her or anything alike.

      I also don't believe my sister would be afraid to tell me no, it just doesn't fit her character, like if she wasn't interested I feel like she'd be enraged and let me know what she though but maybe she was shocked?

      The day moves on and I can't help but be drawn back to her because in my head it's pretty much been confirmed that she likes me. I can't remember everything but I remember at one point we were standing and I had my arms around her, kissing her(not making out) but kissing her and her smiling/blushing between kisses but not much else.

      Then we were watching a movie and me and her are under covers. There are people in the room with us. I started putting my hands down her pants , fully expecting to be stopped but instead find myself rubbing her clit. I go back and forth between rubbing her clit and feeling her boobs for a while, and she during this has pressed her ass(in leggings) up against my bulge(in sweats) and even making a few grinding movements .

      I stopped at one point and whispered to her, do you like it? Nods head. Do you want me to stop? Shakes head. You know you can't tell anyone right? Nods head, and I whisper that we'll talk later.
      I play with her some more and she falls asleep.

      Next morning I wake up and shes leaving to go to her mothers. I approach her expecting warmt and love from her because in my mind we were about to be a couple. But she is really evasive and unfortunately left with my Dad 5 mins later.

      The next couple times I see her, she is acting really evasive and avoiding being alone with me to the point where I asked to talk to her one night and she said she was just getting changed only to go to bed to avoid talking to me.

      After a while I finally confronted her about what happened and she acts like she doesn't know what I'm talking about, I say to her about fingering her and she looks at me like I had ten heads. I ask her if she's doing this because she regrets it but she just shrugs her shoulders, I ask if she likes me and she shrugs her shoulders, I ask if she thinks it weird that we are brother and sister and different ages but she just shrugs her shoulders. It got to the point were I was begging here for an answer.... I said, I don't mind if you don't like me, I'll still be your bother and we'll go back to normal, just say you don't like me and we will move on, even just nod your head...but again all she did was shrug.

      I think it might be important to mention that my sister may or may not have been with her on/off again boyfriend while this was happening. (they are young and only going out 4-6 months on and off even if they're still together)

      I gave up at this point and just kept my distance and so did she. She stopped coming over to my dad's house almost entirely( when I questioned her about this and whether it was to do with me and if she hated me now, she insisted no for both)

      Lately she has been coming over once a week, twice if I'm lucky. And for a little moment it seemed she may have changed her mind, she started play fighting with me again, doing all the things she knows we used to do.

      Her attitude towards me seemed to have changed a little. When before she could get angry at little things I said she kinda just brushed these off her shoulder and took them as the jokes they were.

      I really hope someone can shine some light on this. Please don't just berate me. If you have a feeling about this express it properly and I'll consider it. If the common thought is I should just forget about this and move on I happily will as long as I felt that was reached properly and not out of prejudice and it's what's best for her. so....

      Does she like me?

      Does she like me but is weirded out because of the incest factor or something else e.g boyfriend/ age?

      Did I force Myself on her In Your Opinion?

      Why did she let me do it?

      Why wouldn't she give me an answer( especially if she had no interest and wanted away with me)?

      Am I a bad person because of this?

      Thanks in advance for your replies
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      :oThe age matter though. She's underage then.

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      :oThe age matter though. She's underage then.

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      I suggest you get help before end up being arrested.
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      Markyboy wrote:

      :oThe age matter though. She's underage then.

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      :oThe age matter though. She's underage then.

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      I suggest you get help before end up being arrested.

      I don't wanna discuss the age gap because it's irrelevant right now. I asked questions, if you have no interest in answering them then just don't comment at all please.
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      If she is underage, desist from any further sexual innuendos in your interaction with her.
      If not, she may be disappointed in your lack of taking things further. She tested your by teasing you, and you did not follow through to the next level.
      I quote: "I stopped at one point and whispered to her, do you like it? Nods head. Do you want me to stop? Shakes head. You know you can't tell anyone right? Nods head, and I whisper that we'll talk later. " And then you allowed her to fall asleep! I mean, allowing her to fall asleep through lack of positive action and follow-up on your side. You only have yourself to blame.
    • you are a very normal guy. that type of sexual actions between brother and half sisters are very common. its also very similar for my life. as far as i understand your sister likes you very much and she loves playing sex games with you. so since she doesnt stop you, you should keep your sexual touches all over her fresh body until she gets very normal that touches. you should keep rubbing her little nipples, ass cheecks, vulva, pussy lips, ass hole, pubic hairs, vagina, feet, legs and all over her body. i m sure she will get great sexual plesures by your touches. also you must keep playing her clit until she gets great orgasms. that orgasms wil help you have closer brothet sister relation with her.