Help!! Am I Bisexual or Bi curious?

    • Help!! Am I Bisexual or Bi curious?

      Hi! My name is Taylor and I am 16 years old. Currently, I am having trouble identifying what my sexuality is and if the person I like will ever like me back.

      I have always considered myself as a heterosexual female until just recently. My freshmen year of high school I met this girl and she told me she was bisexual. I thought nothing of it (as I could care less what her sexual orientation was) until I started questioning my own attractions. I started developing a likeness towards her that was unfamiliar to me. I idolized everything she did and got jealous when she talked about other people whom she hooked up with. I wanted her attention always and when I didn't get it I would pout and ignore her.

      I imagined myself holding her hand, kissing her lips and soon became obsessed with the idea of "getting closer". The feelings I had for her intensified and I found myself doing whatever I could to impress her. I tried everything....including lying to make her think that I TOO had hooked up with girls. I realize now how childish and immature I was, but at the time I couldn't help myself. I had never experienced something like this before.

      As the year went on, however, I accepted the fact that she didn't like me the same way. I came to the conclusion that I was just a confused, hormonal teenager. That I was and always had been straight. Besides I didn't imagine myself as her girlfriend just as a make out buddy of some sorts. So as hard as it was I moved on..until a couple months later when I met a girl named Kylie.

      She is absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She is smart, mysterious and independent. I made it a point to introduce myself and we started to become friends. Unfortunately, Kylie is really reserved and I talk to much. As I started to like her more I began to trip over my words, look at the ground, blush, sweat-just anything that could possibly go wrong did. I only talked about myself and after a while I got the impression that she thought I was a conceited bitch (which in her defense I was). I thought maybe she liked me though because she was always biting her lip and she invited me to her house for a project. Again, I found myself asking the same questions as before. Did she like me? Is she straight/bisexual/lesbian? Do I even like her?!?!

      We remained friends and I eventually got her number. I finally got the balls to tell someone how I felt and texted a long message expressing my feelings. Unfortunately I texted the wrong person, and as you can probably guess I texted Kylie. I was mortified. Luckily she was cool about it, but told me that she had a girlfriend. It was bittersweet. We didn't talk for about a year.

      This leads us to my current situation. I see Kylie in the hallways every other day where I sit. We always make eye contact, but I never say hi. I was thinking that I should go over and start a conversation, but I'm not sure she would appreciate that. This is because two months ago I decided to contact her and see how she was. She texted me back and I learned that she was single again. Yay! *mini happy dance* But the problem is that she never makes an effort to approach me or text me first and is always the one to end the conversation. I get the impression that she likes to be chased as her last girlfriend was the one to get things started.

      What should I do? I know that she is shy, but should I try to initiate contact and rebuild the relationship? Or should I let her come to me?? Does she even like me and lastly is this fair to her? I am still unsure if I am bisexual or bi curious. I like boys. I have dreams about boys and I can see myself in long lasting relationships with them. But with girls I don't know. I would love to have sexual relations, but I am not sure if I can have a relationship with them. Please help me. I am confused and frustrated.

      Note: To be clear I don't see her as only a make-out buddy, but I am unsure if I can be her girlfriend. I really really really like her and I feel that I will never know if I don't try. Thank you for your consideration and any advice you can give!!

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    • I'm in the same position I think! Like, I've had these feelings that maybe I'm bisexual. It's been growing stronger by the time and it went so far that I started questioning nearly everyone of my girlfriends whether I liked them as a friend or more. Kinda ridiculous, I know. But okay, so I tried the thoughts out and most of them I could eliminate directly. Though, one of my best friends wouldn't go away. I kept thinking about her beautiful features, her wonderful personality and what an amazing person she was. Anyway, about a month later, I could finally straighten my thoughts that I only love her as a friend. But I still keep thinking about whether I like girls or not.

      Maybe it's just hormones and stuff and fantasies that dosen't have to mean anything real. But it really takes up my mind, so I have a feeling that maybe I do like both boys and girls...

      Okay, I guess we'll have to figure things out ourselves, because you're the one who knows you the best, even when you're confused. I don't think it's a bad thing trying out knew stuff to learn more about yourself, but of course you'll have to be careful not to let anyone down or make anybody feel utilized. I also think the time will make things clear and until then, maybe it's not important to fully understand or "know your place". We'll have to just go with the flow and try not to think to much about it I guess.
    • I had the same situation last year. I'm a straight female. I'm a sophomore now, but I'm pretty sure I had a crush on this one girl named Caroline. She was pansexual and everything you could want in a person. I don't look at girls that way, but she was the one and absolute only. I had no idea why I liked her. Eventually, she moved far away and I never told her how I felt or acted on it. I guess my situation was a phase. I'm still incredibly straight.

      Now, about you. I think labels are ridiculous, but if you really want an answer, you sound bicurious. I would just explore comfortably. Don't do anything that you're not up to. Find a good close friend that you can talk to about this stuff. It'd be better if it were a lesbian. Then they might initiate and you don't have to worry about that part. Unless you take the wheel or you both have a mutual thing. As for the label, that doesn't matter. You like what you like. Don't be afraid to change it up a bit. If you don't like it, you can always go back. No harm done. Don't worry and just explore!

      Hope I helped!
    • TaylorBlackwell wrote:

      Please help me. I am confused and frustrated.
      To me, it sounds more like you're bisexual than bi-curious. You said it yourself that you want to have sex with girls yet still like guys. Bisexuality, believe it or not, is not an even 50-50 split most of the time. For me, I prefer men, yet I still have a good bit of attraction towards women. More like a 60-40 split in my case. Being bisexual is nothing to be ashamed of if that's another thing that worries you. Also, I feel like I should put this out there, you are whatever you identify as. Deep down inside, you'll know. I know it sounds very cliche, but there's some truth in even the most over-used cliches. I always thought I was straight, but I had been having feelings for both sexes for the longest time and had repressed some of them deep down to where I made myself miserable. Be yourself. If you don't want to put a label on it, that's fine. It's a long journey discovering your sexuality. I've been there before.

      As for the situation of whether or not you should get back together, I'd personally try to develop your friendship again. Be more understanding this time and a little less abrasive. I've been the person who has scared off crushes because I'm too forward and in-your-face. It's hard because you're excited. It's also always been my personal belief that with friendship comes love. I dated one of my best friends for three years before I decided it was time to call it quits due to depression and anxiety. We're still really close. Even if you don't get a relationship out of it, you'll still be in her everyday life as her friend which is really quite nice.

      I hope my ranting helped. XP