• Should abortion be acceptable 2
        Under no circumstances exept for life of the mother as doctors can be largely incorrec in thier diagnosis. The baby can also feel it and it destroys life. (1) 50%
        Abortion is not acceptale ecept in Rape incest and life of the mother. (1) 50%
        Abortion is acceptable at any time before the third trimester even though the baby can feel it. (0) 0%
        None of the above (0) 0%
      Inside the mother the baby( Coomonly called fetus but it just means baby in greek or latin I forgot which one) After everal weeks that baby can feel pain!
    • I think we need to be mindful to treat women with compassion, especially when they say they've been sexually assaulted. That way, women won't be afraid to come forward when they've been hurt in such a way that they can get pregnant. These women will, hopefully, get the medical treatment they need so they won't get pregnant and they won't have to worry about getting an abortion.

      So the only time a woman would need to get an abortion is if her life is in danger (and I don't think most people are against abortion under those circumstances) or if the woman doesn't want the baby.

      I know it's convenient for a woman to have the option of having an abortion if she doesn't want the child, but human life begins at conception so an abortion is killing a human being. It would be much better if the woman allowed the human being to grow inside her and be born. Then if the woman still doesn't want the baby, she could put the baby up for adoption. There are lots of couples who can't have children and would love to have a newborn baby.
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