What do you think about skincare?

    • What do you think about skincare?


      I'm launching a skincare advise website for 16-24 year old girls with real skincare advice to solve acne, oiliness, rosacea and other skincare problems with real advice and real products that work!

      I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether you'd be interested in reading this and what type of content you might like to see!
    • The majority of people here either buy their skincare products online, or Walmart in the US or Boots or some supermarket elsewhere. Somehow I doubt they'd be interested. Also more like looking at and feeling the product in their hand before deciding to buy and then it's purchased over-the-counter, or Amazon online. I used Aveeno which is very good and am not allergic to it. I buy mine online since lately I can't drive and need someone to lug me around.

      I get the impression you are fishing around for customers of your product and frankly, I disapprove. Otherwise Teen Hut is for making friends and enjoying themselves very much, so I can hardly see you jammin' it up down the forum's Cafe or other teen sections of this forum, so byebye. :P

      Sometimes the best memories people make, are new ones.
    • mollykt9 wrote:

      Actually this is part of my university course, the website will not be selling anything and i'm not looking for customers - this is a website that may not even go live. I'm just interested for the purpose of my project what my peers think but thanks so much for your 'help'.
      Well, if you had made this clear in the first instance, then I would have understood. You never mentioned about being on a university course, otherwise I would have realisied you were not just another person trying to advertise only without putting in a link; which would have been seen as spamming. So many people try this on, and it is difficult often seeing what someone is really trying to say.

      Now that you have informed us you are not 'selling' anything it puts a totally new light on your topic. So perhaps you would like to expamnd on this and share more; it sounds an interesting course.

      My apologies, but had you made yourself clearer, then my comment wouldn't have been so pithy.

      Sometimes the best memories people make, are new ones.
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