How can I make a blog like this?

    • How can I make a blog like this?

      Hello Folks,

      My gf showed me a blog yesterday morning. The name of the blog is: MGTHEBOSS'S BLOG. She was trying to learn some Photoshop tricks from there. I was amazed after having a look at the blog. In fact now I want to start my own blog. Please give some advice on this. Please guide me. I want to be a blogger. Have a nice day!
    • I have many knowledge about website development so i can tell everything about it to you.

      So you can use free blog hostings like or google blogger, but i do not recommend either of these because you do not have full control over those blogs.

      Best thing you can do is get a web hosting, they usually cost money, which is around 3 dollars a month+domain around 11 dollars a year, if you want to have domain like or, but if no you can use subdomains or free .tk domains (not recommended)

      Best free and almost unlimited hosting is

      They are a very good hosting and have auto installer which will allow you to install wordpress or other blogging web softwares. Its better to have hosting which you have full control over, including full file acess because it will give you more customisation options, and you will be able to modify it, or install another web softwares on your website, not just blogging software....