What questions do high schoolers have about paying for and passing college?

    • Well from my perspective High school students see their parents paying their debts and tuition. I hear about new college graduates who can't find jobs or make their loan payments because their "parents" cant afford it and such. So i wouldn't really say that in current society high schoolers fear that they cant afford college, but they fear their family or parents can't. This in my opinion is a little selfish because college is still affordable for us whose parents can't help or in my case choose not too. You just have to "strive for excellence" or whatever, work for scholarships and apply yourself. ive applied for 5, and already achieved one with an excellence endorsement. the other four will be decided based on my work effort this year. and i WILL get them!

      I'm not fearful of tuition and debt at all.

      it all starts in high school guys. Scholarships go to kids who work hard for them.

      I think it's cool you're writing a book :) i'll be eager to read it someday
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    • I was difficult to deal with the documents that should be sent. Most of the answers to the questions I found on the university website. I'm having problems only with an introductory essay. I understand that it is necessary to write something original, something that stood out. There are a lot of examples at Internet, but they are monotonous. I appealed for help here. It would be nice if in your book would be advice on how to write a good essay on a certain university.