Does he like me at all?

    • Does he like me at all?

      So, there's this guy who goes to the same class as I do and I'm not sure if he likes me.
      I kinda started liking him in October, a month after we returned to school.
      We are both sophomore and quite shy. We've known each other for 1.5 years.
      So somewhere in March he started talking to me much more.
      One of the professores put us to sit together a few times and we got to meet each other and laughed the whole time.
      He asked me a couple of times if I had someone but in a subtle way.
      When I was sick he asked me on facebook how was .
      A faw days after that I was on a birthday party and some of the girls decided to call people from a hidden number and they called him. Then he said that I was his favourite girl from the class which suprised me quite a bit because I didn't think that we were that close.
      We hadn't seen each other when the school finished but he wished me a happy birthday and he rarely does that to anyone. I also didn't expect that because I hadn't wished him a happy bithday a month before and I did something awful a few days before.
      I saw this one guy on facebook accidentally and my friends talked me into sending him a request. Before I did that I saw that he was friends on fb with my crush (it turns out they were best friends). One of my friends sent hi to that guy and he didn't answer. Yeah, I know that I'd made a mistake but it's to late now.
      When the new school year started, he acted strangely around me and ignored me. A few weeks later he started talking to me but not that much because I was mad at him and kinda rude after his behaviour. Even though I acted the way I did, he was nice to me (exemple: He asked me if I was going to get an A in some subject, I can't remember which one, and I said NO in a rude way and he told me that I was a queen (it sounds so much better in my language) and smiled).
      When I was waiting for the professor to come, he just got off his desk, came up to me and started talking.
      I'm also quite clumsy and I trip quite often and he jokes with me but in a friendly way, to make me laugh.
      One time, I felt that someone is staring at me and with the end of my eye (I don't know how to say that in another way) I saw him and it lasted for at least 10 seconds and when I turend my head,he also turned his in another direction. I caught his eye a lot of times.
      One time he way standing on the chair next to the classroom door in the empty hallway and I was just coming in. He stopped doing what he was doing and just looked at me and when I was entering the classorm, we smiled at each other.
      The last thing which I need to mention is when we were at the bus station. There were 5 of us. I was on Whatsapp and I said to my friend on voice record :,,When?'' because my keyboard didn't work. He said something like ooooo and then asked the other what did I say. Then he told me 23:55 and winked at me. I just stood there confused. That evening,I was studying late and I took a pause around 23:50. I was just going through Wapp contacts and suddenly at 23:55 he changed his status. It's kinda hard to translate it to English but it' sth like this: Are you kidding me?'' I don't know if it was meant for me but it's a weird coincidence.
      Lately we haven't been talking or anything. We just take a glimpse at each other and that's it. He also likes sad love pictures on facebook and he was really morose when the whole class sang ,,Last Christmas'' and ,,All I Want For Christmas'' before Christmas holidays.
      Did he at least like me a bit? Can I fix this situation?
      Thank you if you had patience to read this and answer and sorry for my English, I'm not native speaker. <3
    • When boys start talking to girls, it's very likely that he likes you. Most guys do not start texting just to friend zone someone. You also got those little signs of him that made him suspicious in liking you.

      But I do also think he is a bit a jealous type of guy. I mean,why would you react so when your crush has a little talk to someone else? He can't claim you.

      You said that you're a bit shy. My advise is to leave your comfort zone. Start talking to him more. And show him that you're also interested in him. Guys do like to get some certainty. It's hard for him too,he also needs to know that you're liking him.