I can't choose

    • I can't choose

      I'm 16 and i have a problem!
      First of all i have no idea what i want to be. ?(
      I feel like i have to choose what i want to do for the rest of my life. :/
      We have to send our application for the educational institution before the 1. of March. :(
      I don't know which institution i should choose.
      I don't even know if it should be at Hich School or a vocational education. ?( ?(
      What should i choose??
      How do you choose your future?
    • Hello

      You have enough time to choose what you want to. And i know it is hard to already choose what you to be, i know that because I'm in the same situation as you.
      My advice is that you do some 'googleing' about each educational institution. Then pick the one that you think suits you best.
      You can always change again. You dont have to afraid of this decision even though I know it can be tough.
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      Choose whatever institutions the ed ad [educational advisor] suggests and choose whatever they advise. YOU are yet to know and can always change. Please be aware that the best of the best choose on their own terms, not theirs. I ended up nowhere ... but on my terms. Which now I feel best and happy with, as a someone happy with my decisions.
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