Odd feelings about this girl I know

    • Odd feelings about this girl I know

      Hey guys, lately I've been having really odd thoughts concerning this girl I've been hooking up with lately at school. For starters I find her really cute but it's also in an imperfect sort of way, I like her chubby face and unique body, how she is kind of shy when it come to affection at first, her long hands. However, combining these with other things, such as her poor sense of smell, how big her head is compared to her neck, how she puked a ton at a party, how she looks like a seal when she sleeps lol, and how she makes weird sighing noises when she sits down. For some reason this really just makes me wan to slap her, make fun of her for her imperfections, make her cry, etc. I'm never going to act on these, as they are merely shower thoughts really and she's still attractive. But I find her whole "deal" I guess, including her chubby torso and face but skinnier arms and legs to be comically funny, to rhe point where she seems like a joke and basically a punching bag. When she puked at that party her silhouette looked hilarious when she spewed chunks and when We engage In foreplay and she fingers herself, she gets into it and looks so funny doing it, all twitchy and turned on her side away from me idk what's going on? Why am I having all these weird thoughts?
    • Ok this gonna sound really fucken mean but i'm in a shitty mood so ftw(partially because of what i just read ^)
      You're having all these weird thoughts because you're disrespectful and a bully, no-one ever thinks about people like that except to make themselves feel better "lol", from what you said it seems that you are just using her for a fuck-fest, which is fine if she is cool with it but to think of her so lowly WHILE you two are at it... is just pathetic. stop degrading her.
      6/5/16 - The date i became permanently in love :lovey: