Foreign Languages and Culture

    • Foreign Languages and Culture

      Hi! I have a Homework to do some survey about Motivation in learning foreign language. If you are 15-18 years old, (and have some spare time) I would love you to answer the questions:

      1.Do you want to learn a foreign language?

      2.What language & why?

      3.Are you interested in any other cultures?

      4.What cultures & why?

      5.Have you studied in a foreign country?

      6.What country & why?
    • Hello, that's my answers, I hope they would be helpful :)
      1. I really like learning foreign languages and I still want to learn more of them.
      2. I learn Spanish and Polish right now - the second one is hard but I like it
      3. Yes
      4. I am interested in cultures of countries of Latin America and I want to visit all of them in the future
      5. I study psychology in Poland, and learning Spanish at english school Kraków
      6. Poland because of high education level
    • Hi,

      I am from Poland, but now I live in Germany. Can you tell me from where are you from - your mothertone? I need it for my homework. I study History and English at University now in Germany. If you ever need some help with Polish - you can ask me. Obviously I learn German, because History is in German. I try to expand my English, and just started Swedish.