Why You Should Never Mess With a Tattoo Artist

    • Why You Should Never Mess With a Tattoo Artist

      1. He Will Turn You Into A Kindergarten Coloring Book
      You may think in your head, well a coloring book is not all that bad right?. after all, you do see nice coloring books with pictures colored brightly with crayons and just looking adorable. But do you remember the first coloring book you gave to your baby and how that baby colored that book? If you do, you would know exactly what i mean. The tattoo artist will get his revenge on you by turning a part of your skin you can't see into a very bad kindergarten coloring book. Your body will be inked all over with no set coordination. Look at it as your tattoo artist has just reversed in time and is a baby again and your skin is his coloring book. oops!
      2. He Will Turn Your Ship Into Shit
      Can you imagine this hormone blasting sailor, full of himself. Confiscating the local tattoo artist girl and then has the nerve to go on social media talking about how the tattoo artist girl preferred his needle. Now this boastful sailor decides to get a tattoo 3 years later and forgets about his little stunt he pulled on social media. So he goes in and ask for a bad ass war ship to be plastered on his back and chest. The tattoo artist smiles and knows that it is his time to get his revenge. After several house of tattooing, The tattoo artist paints a load of shit floating in the toilet on the boastful sailor. After the artist is finally finished, the sailor is happy and can't wait to see his warship. As he mirrors up, he is shocked, angry shocked and now raging mad. The tattoo artist runs away and the sailor begins to trash the rented shop space. The sailor is forced to never go shirtless for the rest of his shitty life.