The reason why school fails us!

    • The reason why school fails us!

      I want to share with you why going to college might not be the best option out there.

      I have been through college before and I know how tough it is. The truth is lot of students still struggle after college. They can't find jobs and have lots of debt. If you are about to graduate from highschool, you should read my post and see if you should consider this option that I am going to present you. It is also helpful to college students too.

      School only trains you to stand in two groups: Employee and Small Busniess. (The poor groups) You will never get rich here! Why? First, the harder you work, the more money the government is going to take from you through Tax. Second, your income is little. Think about when you start having a family and kids, different things will keep you busy and you will not save much money while you want a big house, nice car, have time to do what you like. This is exactly where you are going to be after school and that is the case when you are lucky to find a good job!

      Now, what school does not teach you is how to stand in the two groups: Big Business and Investor. (The rich groups). Most people in the world stand in the poor groups and they do not know how to step into the rich groups. So how do you upgrade yourself? You need to do things differently. Look for some other opportunities out there.

      Read our post here to see if you like this opportunity. You are welcome to join and learn how to start a journey to step into the rich groups!