Is my report card bad?

    • To answer the OP question I think that is a pretty decent Report Card. It seems like each person has their troubles with at least one subject and yours seems to be Math this year. As for me my most difficult usually is English. Throughout High School though I have maintained a pretty solid 3.5 GPA which I hope will land me in the top choice College I want to attend next year. I should hear about that by the end of January.
    • nickcarter wrote:

      Hi everybody,

      I'm in 9th grade right now. Unfortunately, this school year so far has been a struggle for me. We just started in the middle of August, yet I already feel stressed because of the workload and the difficulty of the stuff we're taking. Anyways, these are my grades:

      PE: A
      History: A-
      Math: C-
      English: A
      Spanish: B-
      Biology: B
      Health: B+

      My GPA is 3.67, and I had been planning to have a high-school GPA of 4.0 since 8th grade, its what I really wanted.
      3.67 isn't bad at all. If you're really worried about colleges and whether or not they/ll take that GPA, go onto websites like college board or niche and see what the average GPA they accept there is. If you're concerned about GPA and sports, in order to do intercollegiate athletics in Division II, you need a GPA of at least 2.0. Division I would have to be 2.3.

      I also want to say that in order to receive an application for NHS (National Honor Society), you have to have a GPA of at least 3.5, I think it is.

      Side note, if you're having a lot of trouble in math, check out Khan Academy online. It's a really great resource for almost all classes.