Is my report card bad?

    • Is my report card bad?

      Hi everybody,

      I'm in 9th grade right now. Unfortunately, this school year so far has been a struggle for me. We just started in the middle of August, yet I already feel stressed because of the workload and the difficulty of the stuff we're taking. Anyways, these are my grades:

      PE: A
      History: A-
      Math: C-
      English: A
      Spanish: B-
      Biology: B
      Health: B+

      My GPA is 3.67, and I had been planning to have a high-school GPA of 4.0 since 8th grade, its what I really wanted.

      I feel like I'm failing, I'm so close to having a D in math and it's upsetting me. I also feel like its harder for me to grasp concepts in my classes, I don't understand new things nearly as quick as other students. I feel stupid. Is this a bad report card?
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    • Natalii wrote:

      explain to me your school system b'ni ?(

      Agreed, that system makes no sense to me...

      edit: To answer the original question, your grades are fine dude. You're in grade 9, if USA is like Canada, those grades do not matter anyway. Focus on working on the courses that you're struggling with, I wouldn't be upset that you didn't get a 4.0 in grade 9. It's a lot different than middle school, I'm sure your grades will improve as you adjust to high school life :)
    • ok so you start highshool at year 9, when you're 13/14 then go on for 5 years til you're 18, i'll be turnin 19 in my case coz our bday is on new years. anyway so there are NCEA levels that you do, you do ncea lv 1 in year 11, ncea lv 2 in year 12 and ncea lv 3 in year 13. to achieve each level you need to get credits for passing assessments and exams and stuff. usually one exam is worth about 3-4 credits unless it's a huge project like a film or magazine that you make which are usually worth about 6 credits. we're graded in N's(Not Achieved) A's(Achieved) M's(Achieved with Merit) and E's(Achieved with Excellence). the scale of grade doesnt differ the amount of credits you're awarded for passing an exam or assessment. so an A would still get you as much credits as an E but getting good e's gets you awards and stuff for using comprehensive shit blah blah, anyway you need 80 credits and 10 literacy and numeracy to pass NCEA level 1, if you don't achieve this you have to do it again next year. you need another 80 credits to get level 2 and another 80 to get level three. once you pass level one you move on and so on. level 2 tests and courses are harder and more advanced than level one courses and level 3 courses are more advanced than level 2 courses.

      there is level 4 and 5 but they're in university and you have to graduate highschool with level one, two and three with high distinctions (a lot of E's) to qualify oing for ncea level 4. you an get scholarships and stuff for getting outstanding grades and stuff like i did ;( but ya know idgaf; babies <3 :love: ... you can leave school with just ncea level one or two but you won't qualify for a lot of careers and jobs and stuff. erm.... once you fail a test that's your chance gone for getting its credits and you better hope not to fail more otherwise you won't meet the requirements to move up to the next level. also at my school there are "band syndicates" "A band, C band and B band" A band students take A-classes which consist of like accounting, english A, calculus performance tech, and physics, you qualify for them by meeting the grade prerequisites of the previous level (usually you need a lot of E's and M's) A band students can practically choose to take any course they want. then the limit lowers for b students and lowers again for C students which usually have take English C, and statistics and <X biology C. urm you can have up to 6 main subjects and if you can fit extra-classes like emile said then that'll make your grade sheet thing look cooler and you have the oppurtunity for more creds. Extra-classes only last about 2 terms/semesters so if you're lik me you take more after even if you can't fit in the time :lol:

      we get homework everyday except weekends(unless you didnt complete some homework then you have to hand it in on monday otherwise you'll get a deans detention) which is pretty lame but if you live with someone that goes to your school it's a lil easier.

      um... we have 4 different detentions. Home detentions(ones you have to do at home(the give you this huge ass 3 page paper that you have to copy) and hand in the next day)., Luunch detentions which are just a know regular, deans detentions(the bad ones) then principal detentions (the worst ones), we also have womble duty as a punishment which is walking around campus picking up rubbish and taking peoples rubbish at lunch times, we also have a 7 step system each step consists of a punishment at step 7 you get expelled. they reset on new years(lol im on step 5 :evil: :evil: ) i got up to step 6 when i was 15 :lol: you get steps by doing stupid things etc.

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    • Ahh that makes sense! Kinda confusing though, at least compared to Canada's system :P Or maybe that's just because I'm used to it.

      In Canada, you start high school at grade 9, aged 13-14 or something. You take 8 courses during the year, almost all of which are chosen for you, and you have to pass all 8 courses to move on to grade 10. A pass is anything greater than 50% (marks are determined based on tests, quizzes, assignments, and exams, with exams weighing more than assignments obviously). We don't get A, B, C, or D grades, or GPA, just percentage.

      In grade 10, you continue to take 8 courses, although you have more options for courses. You can choose to take sciences, math, french, etc., and you can also choose to take "college" level or "university" level (you have to have achieved a certain average in grade 9 to take the "university" level). Again, pass all 8 courses, and you move on to grade 11, then grade 12. In grade 12 though, you only have to take 6 courses (although like you, I was an overachiever and took 9 courses :lol: ).

      After finishing grade 12, you can either choose to live your life without doing more school, or apply for college or university. College is considered lower tier, as most programs are only 2 years and you are awarded with a certificate. University degrees are 4-5 years in length, and you can only apply if you've taken all "university" level courses. When applying for uni, the schools only look at the marks from grade 11 and 12, and they even drop some of the lowest marks.

      It's not until university where we get both a percentage grade and a GPA grade, and grades in uni only matter if you're planning on doing a Master's degree or some other professional/grad school like med school. If you're like most people and don't want to do anything after uni, then like I said grades don't matter as long as you pass (greater than like 60% or something). But yeah, like you, we can get scholarships if we maintain certain averages (my school is greater than 90%)
    • Yeah essentially. Yours just sounds weird because you get credits for doing exams and stuff, and those add up to determine if you "pass". Whereas ours, we might have a midterm exam that is worth 20%, a final exam worth 30%, then a bunch of tests and assignments that make up the other 50%. To pass, you need a grade greater than 50%, which means you can fail the exam or something and still potentially pass.
    • Best Friend wrote:

      Yeah essentially. Yours just sounds weird because you get credits for doing exams and stuff, and those add up to determine if you "pass". Whereas ours, we might have a midterm exam that is worth 20%, a final exam worth 30%, then a bunch of tests and assignments that make up the other 50%. To pass, you need a grade greater than 50%, which means you can fail the exam or something and still potentially pass.
      ohh i see, that sounds neat.
      here the more subjects you take the ore oppurtunity for credits you have, in my summary when everyone started ncea lv one i took enough courses to get me 122 credits :P when you only needed 80, everyone usually took a lot of subjects so they could be allowed to potentially fail some but pass others to reach 80. it takes a lot of time doe -_________-

      EmileRichards wrote:

      woah your school sounds waaayy harder than mine lol, E's would be the equiv of A's so you'd probs have a 4.0 this year not factoring in your previous years
      sweeeeeet :thumbup:
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    • B'ni Dhana wrote:

      would my gpa be at least like 3.8? -ish X/

      I don't think you can calculate GPA using your system. At my university, this is the way GPA is assigned:

      4.0: 90% or higher
      3.9: 85-89.9%
      3.7: 80-84.9
      etc. (I actually don't know the rest :lol: )

      My school gives us the percentage we got in each class, so we can easily calculate our GPA my averaging out the corresponding GPA for each class. You're assigned a letter grade though, which is a range. So like your E might be 90-100, which would be a 4.0. But your M might be 80-90, which could either be a 3.9 or 3.7, but you wouldn't know which one. So yeah, I have no clue how you would actually calculate GPA. Maybe an American might know, they're more used to the GPA system than me