How do I let my crush know I like Him?

    • How do I let my crush know I like Him?

      My name is Nicole. I am 14 years old, and I am from Virginia. I have never been the boy-crazy type of girl, in fact, I can only remember having one other crush on a boy. But a have recently developed an attraction towards my dance teacher. He is several years older than me but so handsome and funny. I have been home schooled for almost my entire life, and this has resulted in me being very shy and just a little bit awkward. I don't know how to talk to other people my age, and although people tell me I am very pretty, I honestly don't see it and am extremely self-conscious about my appearance and what people think of me. As much as I would love to be, I am just not the outgoings type. It seems like my "friends" are always getting together and hanging out and I somehow manage to not know about or be included in any of it.
      Anyhow, I have never really talked to this guy one-on-one. I wouldn't even say we're friends. I don't think he notices me at all. When he does its in a very indifferent way. I don't know if he knows that I am not as young as the other girls in my class or what. But I really really want to get his number, be his friend, maybe even get him to like me back... I just have no idea where to start. I have always been amazed at how the girls at my school are able to pick up a boyfriend in the first week.
      So, please, do you have any advice on how I could talk to him and befriend him without looking like an idiot? I am terrified of coming on to strong and making him not want anything to do with me. Any and all suggestions are very welcome. Thank you.
    • Secretly find what he likes and gift him that. I did the same thing to my crush and now we are in a relationship. I found out that he is crazy of arts, especially wall arts. So I searched for wall arts for a long time and I found one online which I liked very much (…24x36-eiffel-in-the-rain/ ). With the hope that he too will like it, I gained courage and talked to him for the first time. Thankfully he was interested in talking with me. We talked for a long time sharing our life stories with each other. Before leaving I told him that I have something for you and gave him the wall art. He was just surprised and he understood that I have special feelings for him. That's the day when our relationship started.