Coming out as a Lesbian

    • Coming out as a Lesbian

      Hi everybody this is a bit of a sensitive issue so I would really like to get some real help.I came out as a Lesbian about a few months ago and I have already told my parents about it and they were cool with it and really supportive.This shook me up a little and made me realized how much I owe them.The problem is I really like a girl in my class and I know that she would never go out with me.I told my best friend about it and she suggested getting some professional help from a lesbian match making services . Coming out can be really tough and I really don't know what to do.It would be grateful if anybody could help me out here.TIA.
    • First off, I think you are very strong for coming out and also your parents should be applauded for supporting you on this. I am not Gay so I have never been in your shoes, but here is my suggestion to you. Being new to coming out I think it would be really important to explore a lot of avenues in the Lesbian community and possibly meeting someone that way before joining a Lesbian Dating Group. Try the scene on your own and see what is out there. There has got to be more than just the girl at your school that you said would never go out with you.