My Story (Hope it can Help)

    • My Story (Hope it can Help)

      I'd like to share my story. I am hesitant to use words to describe my experiences: rape threats, suicide attempts, panic attacks, depression, anxiety. I've been told that my experiences aren't these things. I've been told that it wasn't a rape threat, he didn't mean it, it was middle school, that's how everyone talks. I've realized that the damage I caused to myself when I "attempted suicide" was less than some people cause to themselves with self-harm. I've been told that it wasn't a panic attack (it wasn't) but a temper tantrum (in reality, it was closer to a meltdown); and today, four years later, I cannot call my anxiety attacks panic attacks. I've pondered whether I was ever really depressed, or if I was just dramatic and lazy. I've been told that my anxiety isn't real, by my family, by my doctors; only for, just recently, after mentioning how difficult it is to cross the street, because I'm terrified of inconveniencing others and them becoming angry at me, these same people nod their heads and say, casually, "I think that's called social anxiety." I want you to know, whoever you are, that you are the person you are. Don't let someone tell you a rape threat wasn't a rape threat. It doesn't matter if they're 12, 20, or 65; if they say "go f*ck yourself before I f*ck you," or something else; whether or not it's after weeks of sex jokes; whether or not they've mixed ketchup and ranch dressing together and called it a rape scene. Don't let them tell you it wasn't real.
    • hey sweety ... um look , do not care what the peaple say ... I have been told to suffer from social anxiety even though i am actually really talkative and i make friends easily ... i have been threatened 123-4023945-134869345 times and one man actually tried to sexually abuse me ... um yeah .. I actually dont give a f@$k !!!! if you spend your whole life in fear and anxiety then .. it is not a life .. please spend the best years of your life not being afraid or attepring suiside for no reason ... really NO REASON my sister died and i did not kill myself .. it shows weakness to face the world ... I dont mean to insult you , i am just trying to make you live your life happily <3 i hope i helped