Gay Boyfriend (no sex)

    • No sex homo is common. Not unusual. Common. HOMO does not entail nor equal GAY nor LGBT. Suck fuck in out does not mean any more than that. Huggy Wuggy is friedshipping and sexualminterplay does NOT mean GAY. Please note the out of date the words display. Why do the LGBT people hate me. HOMO is not the same as GAY. PERIOD. SEX is another matter from gender. Gender is not a born in statistic but a social invent. Being horny is that. Getting off is that. As is any attracting is that and as is getting off that way, or some other way, is that. Sucking and Fucking is what the dick, mouth, and anus as each does.
      --- Being GAY is that and not of any sexual desire nor demand, as sexual desire is different from the other. THAT very statement is why they HATE me.
      ---- Put simply, cock suckers are homo, as they show and demonstrate. Ass holes open for invitee are those holes for delight or for ptherwise. HOMO is HOMO.
      --- GAY / LGBT is another thing. Want to get political, go GAY or LGBT.
      --- REFUSE DOES THIS MAN. HOMO is HOMO and stays there. The old Greek sties of guys and girls are for more than sex appeal.
      ---- Otherwise, have fun anyway.
      --- To get personal, my loves of my life NEVER have sex with. NEVER. Hard ons and so on, NEVER NO SEX WITH. never a rub nor a dub. None such evers. For real. HOMO ? Obviously. GAY ? NO. LGBT ? NO !