Teen Ego tackling

    • [b][/b]
      --- Suspect you need make you go to work and pay. LEAVE HIM ALONE.
      [suspect but know nothing]
      [b]--- You cannot be serious. You cannot be joking. Too weird both ways. There is no middle. Figure that you want to fuck you son up his ass hole.. THAT is a middle. Figure you want to hurt him. THAT is a middle. Figure you are playing a gam with boys here . THAT is a middle. Maybe with the girls too. THAT is a middle. [/b]
      [b]---- HONESTLY ? THAT is not a middle. [/b]
      [b]---- You want to get control of you son, as you write and so say so. Sex slavery of fathers over their progeny is not new. Fathers fucking their daughters an raping their sons is as old as the ice age. Or, as old as K2. [/b]
      [b]--- GO for it. if that is your intent. Idddy Biddy dickie wants an acting. Big woody might agree. Beer can cocks are rare but also are as active poppers as button dicks. Horny is Horny. Whatever the size / shape. Wacko Texas guy admits six inches and he fucks all but a few[/b]
      [b]--- You want control of son ? You must make it so. May be it will be spanking, hitting, punching, slapping face, making you son's body a bowl of jelly, oh oh. well, so be it. Can not stop you. [/b]
      [b]---- You will not be the 1st to do any such thing even similar. [/b]
      [b]--- Suspect you need make you go to work and pay. LEAVE HIM ALONE. [/b]
      .--- Or, send him off. W[b]HERE ? HERE ! Will try to make him a real. Touch not. [/b]
      [b]--- [suspect but know nothing][/b]