my brother and sister are having sex

    • my brother and sister are having sex

      I just need help. I would go to a therapist but I have no insurance. what do I do? How do I cope?
      me and my brother and sister live together. I recently found out that my brother and sister are in love and have sex regularly. they still
      Continue to do it and have no regret about it all all. (They know I know) and I also don't have a good relationship with them since I found out. Everything has gotten me really depressed and idk what to do.
    • οh ... well i dont have any experience in such issues but i will tell you what i would do .... fist thing : i would look for another house !! you know ... i dont think it is right to try to cange their mind . you can of course say your opinion and support it by telling them that there are 7 billion people on earth and that if they have any children they will most likely not be very healthy . nowadays everybody has sex with anybody so ... i dont know .. i can understand that as their sibling ,you feel really weird about it but if they are happy ,dont be in the middle . if they wont stop soon , just accept it . dont ruin your relationship with them because of that .They still love you and i am sure you still do too . good luck !!! hope everything will be ok
    • shyramarie wrote:

      why does this bother you? as long as sex is consensual and protected is not your business or concern. are you jealous and have yearning for your sister? family sex is quite common in taiwan.
      Not only in Taiwan. Inter-sibling sex is no big deal in quite a number of European countries, and has been decriminalized in a few of them (for e.g. France, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.) In Japan it is something that is not frowned upon and regarded as a passing phase. There it is regarded as part of sexual experimentation during the growing up years, and parents would often allow it without their explicit approval, or even provide contraception so as to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. (What is illegal, is underage sex). So, just make sure that your siblings practice safe sex, and as it seems to be consensual, live with it. You are not the one to judge them. (Do I detect a little jealousy in your complaint?)
    • Well...If ur parents are still around and or still take care of them .....If I were you I would give them 1 last warning to stop having sex because there is a chance h pe could impregnate her and that's incest...incest is illegal and brother n sister having a baby would mean that the baby would be deformed and demented because too much of your families gene. Then if they are still shagging crack the parent card and tell your parents. Even go to the police because it is illegal if you dislike it that much.

      Try to just be nice to them and tell them when they do someting that brings you down hopefully that will get you to be happier

      You could even try blocking it out by getting into a hobby, mine is learning guitar and it can block out other things