Addicted to marijuana - Tips to quit?

    • Addicted to marijuana - Tips to quit?

      Hey!! I'm addicted to marijuana. I started using it when I was 14 years old and no one in my family knew about it. But recently my sister caught me using it from home. She confronts me for using it. She asked me to quit marijuana or else she will inform this to our parents.
      I'm afraid of my dad. I don't know how will he react to this. I told her I'm not able to quit and I need help. She asked me to undergo drug treatment from a clinic in Vancouver. Has anyone undergone such treatments for addiction? Is it worth spending money? Any advice is highly appreciated!!
    • Pot and Marijuana regular over-users ( say, maybe, pot-heads ) are not real addicts, most say, but are over-users. Addicts are not the same as over-users, most seem to insist. ALCOHOLICS are addicts, they insist, as are COCAINE, HEROIN, MORPHINE, and CODEINE over-users.

      --- CONSIDER --- Gamblers who lose all they own and all they have, family including, by over-gambling, are not gambling addicts. There is no possible addicting to gambling. PHYSICALLY, the body is not able to get addicting-able to gambling.

      --- CONSIDER --- Most drug-usings people are also physically changing to the drug such that the very body NEEDS the destroyer, etc etc etc

      --- CONSIDER --- THERE is no cure. Am wandering all over for forty five years and seeking some answer and find none. May as well seek a cure for war. Jails work some for many for a while. Some do so permanently. YES, some do.
      Some find equivalent controlling environments.

      ---- Can only say that any user over doing or over using whatever it is they over-do or over-use has to make a hard decision and WORK HARD to make that decision real. Find no other saluting salve. Never other than as put down in writing here.

      --- There are some new 2016 and 2017 medicines doctors they claim to help ... for alcohol and chemical / drug over-users. TRY IT and find out . YES ! Do so and work at it. Fail or not, try. NO GUARATEE. Try it and see. Make you a you and work at it, succeed or fail, you try or ... or, you auto fail.
    • To fully quit smoking marijuana you have to get to the bottom of why you smoke it. Really dig deep and ask yourself why you smoke the stuff. Now, once you have written down two to three reasons why you smoke marijuana, for example, 1) I like the way it makes me feel, 2) It helps me stay calm... Then you can start thinking of alternative activities to replace those feelings. You can't truly quit until you've found replacements for the reasons for you smoking currently. I mean, you can try to quit, but it will be difficult for you to stay sober. So really be truthful with yourself, and get to the bottom of your addiction. Then find other things you can do...that will help you get a "Natural" high. Exercise, meditation, a hobby, lifting weights, etc. Good luck!