Should I tell people??

    • Should I tell people??

      Hey everyone,
      So I've only recently figured out my sexuality and that I'm bisexual in the last 6 months but I've been confused and wondering for a long time. I haven't told anyone yet because i just don't feel ready. i want to tell people and keep almost telling people but I'm too scared. My dads homophobic and im worried that if i tell anyone he'll find out and I'm scared of his reaction. I'm a christian and I come from a christian family but i know my siblings and probably my mum will accept me, or at least try but i feel like my dad wont even try. He knows support lgbt+ because my sister and I often fight him on it but none of them have any clue that im bi. Whenever theres something homophobic on a tv show or the news or something my dad sometimes openly agrees with it and i just have to sit there and keep my mouth shut because he can get really mad when we fight him on it and its just not worth it to open that can of worms. i really want him to accept me but i feel like theres no chance of that happening. I want to be able to talk to people and be myself but im too afraid to to tell anyone.

      I also know that ill probably never be able to openly or comfortably date a girl with my dad knowing and i know i could just date in secret but other then this we're a pretty close family and i want to be able to be open with them... UGH.

      Does anybody have any advice/tips/knowledge or anything that could help me?!? Do you think i should come out? Shuld i just tell my sister and hope my dad never finds out? I NEED HELP

      P.S sorry if this is all over the place. Once i started writing it just all came out. It felt really good to finally say it (write it).