Telling my parents I smoke weed.

    • Telling my parents I smoke weed.

      This is probably going to be long so sorry about that. First about me i'm 17 (18 in 16 days). I live in Melbourne Australia. I've had a very healthy life I live with 2 loving parents and a younger brother. I have extremely high end Asperger's (high end means it's basically not noticeable). I have been smoking weed for over a year now about once a month. I've (sorta) brought the topic of weed up around my parents and my Dad hates it. Mum sorta stays quite but she obviously doesn't like the stuff. I sneak out with a mate and we share a joint every now and then. Go down to the servo (gas station) and buy a heap of food, we chill out talk and go home. Nothing bad as ever come out of it.
      Dad used to smoke weed a lot when he was a teenager & his younger brother had an addiction problem that he had to help him get out off. That happened when my Mum was around as well so they have both seen the worst part of weed. Honestly I have kept stuff from my parents in the past and whether it's a month or 6 they end up finding out i've done something.
      So i'm sick of lying, going behind their backs and what not. Dad has always told me that if I ever wanted to try weed or anything like that he'd rather get some and have me smoke it out the back then me go out and do it behind their backs but I asked for alcohol the other week for a party and it took 2 hours of convincing and me saying "you said if I asked you'd get me it" for him to actually go buy it for me. And after he got it he kept saying "I feel sick to my stomach about this".
      The worst thing is that my Dad just believes all the stuff that was taught to him about weed. All the propaganda that was thrown out by the U.S. i'm sure my Mum does as well. He is so narrow minded and stubborn in his views and this is why i'm scared to tell them about my use. For a start my Dad's a big guy. I don't mean fat I mean really fit. Health freak cares about every cm of food he's putting into his body.

      When he gets mad he gets in your face and screams and yells and ever since I remember nothing has scared the living "insert flavoursome word here" out of me. I have memories going back to when I was 7 of my Dad over reacting to something i've done and dragging me by the ear in public and in front of my friends while again getting in my face and yelling at me. I always think of that event and think I was 7 Dad come on I didn't know what I was doing was wrong. I guess I should say I went into a locked part of a building to get someones ball for them because I was small enough to get though a gap.
      My Dad's not abusive and I don't want to make it seem that way. He's never hit anyone and he doesn't drink. He's a very nice person when he's not angry but me and him have a had a history of it being hard for us to "get" each other I guess.
      So I guess my main worries are.
      Over reaction
      Narrow/Closed mindedness
      Freaking out

      Any advice? Thanks
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