My best friend's crush wanted to have fuck with me behid her back

    • My best friend's crush wanted to have fuck with me behid her back

      I' m fuc*ing shocked. My bestfriend, lets give her name Lisa has crush on schoolmate, lets name him Joe. He' s her date for homecoming dance and they text echother everyday, they hanging up sometimes and hug echother. I' ve always known that Joe is a bit of fuckboy cuz he hugs all good girls in school and grabs their tits and asses.....He's verry needy and he started to fuck when he was 14.

      I'm probably just being rediculos cuz we' re all 15.
      But yestarday we were supose to hang out in city but she went to some trip but me and Joe already came and we had few hours until next bus.

      At first Joe was grabing my ass and i wasn't suprased cuz it's his usuall bedavior.

      Then we went to bar, witch was almost empty, and he started if i would make out with him, i said you've got Lisa. Then he opend wallet and showed a condom. He wanted to fuck. But he was charming and funny all the time not intrusive.I was shocked and i said I can't do this to my best friend but he said back that there isn't anything between them and that he doesn' like her etc. and she won't ever know anyway. He leaned me aganst the wall and wonted to make out me but i didn't let him so he started kissing my neck and wonted to make my hickys but i didn't let him eather. Than he lifted me in the way that he was athering me for my ass and we just talk in that pozicion.Then he showed me his sixpacks.He was making me really horny but i would never hurt my best friend like this. We were thete about 3 hours and a lot happened. I think there isn't place on my body that he didn't touched. And he put my hand on his dick and i could feel its hard. He litellry screwed me with our clothes on. And his hand was litellry most of the time on my vagina, ass or tits.
      When i got home i was feeling like a total bitch altrougt i was always rejecting him. I was saing no no no all the time but he's bigger than me. But i'm not saying he was wailent, just really charming and persistent.I decidet i'm not going to tell my best friend about what happened. I was scared as hell cuz if she knewed she wouldn't understand that i didn't won't him touching me. He said he won't tell (and i'm pist off cuz i didn't do anything, he is, but he was talking othetways)

      But you know what happend today? Ohhh i'm so pist offff..........
      We went out after school. And he acted like nothing happed day before. He was huging her and telling that he would only fuck with her. He even kissed her for the first time, on her cheek but ok.

      And she was all happy and i don't know what to do. If i'm going to tell her what happend she will hate me not him. He would problaby just deny anything. He is really popular so all school and town will hate me if i get in conflict with him.

      On the other hand i've never had secret from her and i don't know what would happen if she asks me about yesterday.