Boyfriend struggling with drug addiction

    • Boyfriend struggling with drug addiction

      My boyfriend is addicted to marijuana. He thinks that he needs it to get through the day. He doesn't smoke when I am around him. He uses it to start his day, to get through lunch and before going to sleep. I don't want to lose him to a drug. His attitude towards everyone is changing day by day. He isn't the same person. This scares me and I am really depressed because of him. I am considering to take him to a drug treatment center in Calgary. Any suggestions? But I am confused on whether they can be trusted. I also want to know whether these centers cover insurance for the treatment. Please share.
    • I can almost guarantee that the marijuana is less than the problem !!! . He might maybe like the high more than he likes you. That sounds cruel but I know for a fact from experience, as eye witness, that a drunk can seek sex but alcohol is his real sex and goes home from the sex bar to his buddy pal mate lover the bottle at home. Heroin addicts also show me that the needle is sexier than me. They are there, at my place, both types, and end up liking me for my allowing them their THING ... but rejecting me.
      --- I go get high at the bar and end up with the weirdest because of my own weirdness. I am a safe haven as I demand nothing. All know that. Thus wise I get a certain experience very few others get.
      ---- Marijuana burners are not such as I understand. All I ever encounter have nothing like the cocaine heroin alcohol codeine characteristics. If he prefers it over you, guess why.
      ----- YOU go away and silently ditch the butt bitch and find another