Am I in an Unhealthy Relationship?

    • Am I in an Unhealthy Relationship?

      I've been with my girlfriend Mia for almost six months, and our relationship is going good so far, but she's been acting weird lately. She gets irritated by the smallest thing, and then yells at me for no reason about it. She apologizes after. She's gotten worse over the past month because she's been dealing with issues with her parents. She yells more and louder, and I thought she was going to slap me. A few days ago, I was trying to back away from her when she was yelling, but I was up to the wall and she grabbed my arm and now my wrist has a huge bruise on it. My brother and mom asked about it and I just said it was from dance (I'm a dancer and get bruised a lot). I'm scared and I want to talk to her about it but I don't want her to get upset or have my family find out. I just love her so much and want our relationship to last forever.
    • You are in trouble. LEGAL TROUBLE... YOU make out as if she is it. YOU are the it. GET OFF IT. GET OUT and go elsewise and to another. You want to fight about it then meet me at ____ . You know what this means. As a dancer, you are aware what this means. You are also less than honest. YOU know such will not last forever and WE HERE KNOW YOU KNOW YOU INTEND NON SUCH by your very own writings. YOURS as writ. Courtroom submit. Am not being cruel here. Merely honest as can. YOU write what YOU write, and so does the moon plait from Mars. This guy's Bad typing saves no one. ! ! ! OH .. forensically, bruises on wrists are oddities and, also, evidence of obvious violence. BEWARE baby, BEWARE. GET AWAY NOW and be happier. N O W
    • Okkii the fact that she can hurt you is already awful. If you love someone you just can't hurt them. I think you should first talk to her and if that will not go well you should talk to your parents or friends. But for me there is one rule in a relationship: if he/she hurts you one time they will do it again but then harder, even if they say that they will stop or never do it again... they will...they really will
    • Sit down with her, in person, ask if she's okay and offer her comfort if she says she's not - it could be the cause of her rash behaviour. But tell her that you're not okay, that you're not okay with her yelling and that she hurt your arm and you had to lie to your parents about it, let her know that you want your relationship to work and that the only way to do that is by communicating with each other without getting mad. If someone is truely in love, they will always be able to forgive. She needs to realise this, and that her shouting has been hurting you. If she feels regret for it and wants to make things work better with you, then she does love you. But you two just need to talk and work this out together!! Best of luck